Is there any way a Canadian LPN can get a us work visa?

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Absolutely. You would need to contact the US Embassy for details on how specifically to go about doing this. The current phone number listed for the US Embassy in Ottawa is 613-688-5335 and a receptionist should be able to direct you from there.
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What happens if you work in the US without a visa?

Answer . That is illegal and if you are caught you could be deported.. Answer . Also, if you entered US illegally, you can not obtain US Green Card according to the current immigration law, even if you married a US Citizen.

If somebody enters the US for a K1 visa and there is no way to get married is there any possibility that she can change her status?

Answer . I believe you will need to leave the country in order to re-enter as a different kind of immigrant or non-immigrant. If you do not marry, you cannot apply for a student or visitor visa.. Answer .. If you are nearing the end of the 90 days you were given to get married and you are not ( Full Answer )

Can a U.S. company get a visa for a Canadian citizen to work in the US?

Answer . Yes, it's called a "Work Visa." It may take a little doing, but it's done all the time. My husband works for a Yacht Co., that is owned by an American in Texas. Sometimes they need specialized people from the States for a certain job on the Yacht and they can come in on a "Work Visa. ( Full Answer )

Can a US business owner put his Canadian girlfriend on his company payrole if she doesn't have a work permit and she doesn't work and only has a student visa?

Answer . No, you can't because you would be breaking the law. She has to somehow obtain a work permit in order to do that. You should consider marrying her so she can obtain her green card.. Answer . No, you can't because you would be breaking the law. She has to somehow obtain a work permi ( Full Answer )

Can you get a US work visa as a freelancer?

In the US people do not normally act through personal service companies.This is because the laws force them to be the direct employees of the agency.

What is the fastest way to get a VISA to the US?

When talking about a Travel VISA then the fastest way is beingsponsored by an employer or someone who has the funds to get you tothe US. When talkinh about a VISA credit card, the fastest I think would bethrough having a big account in a certain bank.

How you can get us work visa?

Work visa can be got through employers only. Either company in US should recruit you and apply for your work visa or company in your home country also can send you to work in US on a work visa. Depending on the requirement and your eligibility you will be issued a visa with which you get authorizati ( Full Answer )

What type of work LPN nurses do?

An LPN is a licensed practical nurse. Their duty includes passingout medication and caring for patients. They need to pass two yearsof training in order to have this title.

Can a Canadian citizen register a business in the US if he is under Visa work status?

Yes. A Canadian can register a business in the U.S. with OR without a visa work status. The U.S. freely allows us to register/incorporate and pay all the fees associated with creation (which is quite costly, but even more so for a non-American without an Social Security Number). The thing that th ( Full Answer )

Canadian visit US visa?

Canadian citizens do not need a Visa to visit the US unless theyare staying for an extended period of time for work , school orother business. A Canadian citizen would need a passport to enterthe U.S.

How do you get a Canadian visa?

There are many categories to get a Canadian Visa It Can be Student Visa Vistor Visa Permanemt Immigration Work Permit etc....

Can a Canadian citizen work in Australia without a visa?

A Canadian citizen cannot enter Australia without a visa, let alone actually work. A tourist visa that a Canadian would normally applied for is an ETA which is an electronic visa issued via the immigration website This visa does not permit any work or business related activ ( Full Answer )

Can you purchase a house if you are in the US on a work visa?

You don't need any kind of visa to purchase real property in the USA.. In fact, you could purchase real property in the US without ever setting foot in the country. You will need someone you trust to act for you, preferably an attorney who is admitted (licenced to practice) in the state where you i ( Full Answer )

Can you work with a US tourist visa?

Under the visitor visa to the U.S., you will not be permitted to work for any U.S. companies, and you must depart the U.S. before the date specified on your visa. .

Can you work in the US on a tourist visa?

While in the US. if one is traveling to the US. primarily for tourism but they want to take a short course of study that is recreational and not for credit towards a degree, and the course is less than 18 hours per week, then this is allowed on a B2 visa. For example if one is taking a vacation to t ( Full Answer )

Can you work in US if you have a student visa?

As long as it takes the student to finish his or her course of study the F1 visa is valid for. Work on campus and in some situations even off campus is allowed for F1 visa holder students. Eligibility to apply for employment-authorized practical training after the completion of their academic progra ( Full Answer )

What are the Canadian capital gains tax laws for a US citizen relocating to Canada on a work visa that will be selling US property?

You need to check with a lawyer and/or accountant. In general, though, a capital gains tax can be imposed by only one of the jurisdictions. If you're talking a fairly high amount, it's well worth getting advice ahead of any decision to sell the US property. Although you can't avoid payment, you do h ( Full Answer )

Canadian resident needs a visa to enter the US?

yes, a Canadian resident or landed immigrant needs a visa to travel to the usa; you do not need a us visa if your country of origin is part of the waiver treaty, and if so you still need a visa to visit for more than 90 days.

How do you convert a tourist visa to a work visa in US?

Basically you need to have a sponsor or an employer in order foryou to have it converted and for you to be able to use it to worklegally. First step is to find an employer and then the companywill be the one to help you and process your visa conversion.

Can Canadians work in UK with ancestry visa?

Yes. There are no work restrictions on a UK Ancestry Visa. In-fact, the whole idea is what you're going over to work. However, note that you are not covered by the healthcare system and have no recourse to public funds.

Can a Canadian citizen work in US?

Yes. Tens of thousands do so: almost all have work permits or student visas. A fraction of Canadian workers here are illegal aliens who overstayed visas.

Can a US LPN work Canada?

Yes. If you have a LPN license in the United States you can work in Canada as a licensed practical nurse as long as you apply for a nursing license and write and pass the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam. Of course you must also meet all immigration requirements for working in Canada.

Can a LPN work as a surgical tech?

No. A LPN is a licensed practical nurse. To work as a surgical tech, you must complete a specific training program for that job. It is usually a 15-18 month course.

Can a LPN work in a magnet hospital?

Answer Two: An LPN can work in a Magnet Certified Hospital. The ANA does not define the role. The hospital may determine who they hire to perform which duties. As long as the LPN is working within their scope of practice and the hospital meets the guidelines required for Magnet Certification an LPN ( Full Answer )

Can a Canadian visiting the US on a visitor visa marry an American?

The 2 people can get married but there is a long process... You and yours need to fill out several forms. Short list is G-325(a) Biographic Information - at least 1 each I-129 F Petition for Alien Fiance(e) - You must get married to him IN the US within 90 days of approval - no they don't m ( Full Answer )

Is there any way you could get a work visa or apply for residency being illegal?

The US sometimes declares amnesty programs for illegal immigrants; it may be that you qualify for such an amnesty although I would be in no position to determine that myself. Other than that, the legal procedure would be to leave the country and then apply at your local embassy or consulate for read ( Full Answer )

Can you work on a US spousal visa?

Some visas allow for spouses to work (L visa) while other do not (for example, the H visa). You should tell an immigration attorney what type of visa you are referring to and get a specific answer to your needs.

Can you work in us if you have L1 visa?

Yes, L1 visa is a work permit visa. The L1 visa enables employersto transfer employees to US office or establish a office in the US.This implies that a person on a L1 visa can work. It is only achange of workplace by remaining in the same organization.

Can women with visiting visa work in US?

Nobody can work in the visa on a visitor visa. Short duration courses like cookery class that will not add any credits to a course can be attended using a visitor visa. But working in the US, that will enable you to draw salary is not allowed on a visitor visa.

What sort of work is LPN work?

LPN stands for licensed practical nurses. They can work in nursing homes, hospitals, doctor's offices, home health, jails, group homes, etc.

Does working for an American organization give you any type of US visa?

No, simply working for a US based company gives you no special access to a US Visa.. However, your company may need you to come to the US for training or meetings and may then facilitate your obtaining a Business Visa for use over a limited time. If you are performing a function for your US compan ( Full Answer )

Where can one apply for a visa to work in the US?

A person can apply for a work visa by contacting the state department of which they live. Depending on the purpose of their work, there are a number of visas available to them.

What is the w-1 used in Canadian visa document?

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