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Rear brake frozen. Assuming you do not have a heat source, small heater to aim at it for a while. If not that, I would think you could use some windshield deicer. I assume you do not have disc brakes on the back. There should be an access plug on the back of the wheel plate. On the back side it is usually an oval rubber plug at the top or bottom, varies car to car. Spray the deicer in up or down and I would think this might do it. Depending on age of vechicle, the cable running to the brake may be the problem.

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โˆ™ 2006-10-30 06:25:50
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Q: Is there any way other than waiting for a thaw to free up a rear wheel that is locked due to freezing following a car wash and e brake?
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98 Taurus locked in park.replaced brake switch.still locked what do I do now?

its in your transmission

What are the properties of brake fluid?

Brake fluid should have low freezing point

Anti lock brakes have locked on back wheel?

If one back wheel has locked up I don't think the abs has anything to do with it. You may have a stuck/locked up parking brake cable or a stuck/locked up brake caliper.

1972 blazer jerks when rolling after stop?

could be the cylinder on the brake caliper is locked up could be the cylinder on the brake caliper is locked up

You have a front brake locked down on 93 suburban changed caliper and bled when you finshed brake locked down tight what is stoping fluid from going back?

It is a good possiblity the brake hose feeding that wheel is at fault.

Rear driver side wheel locked up need rear brake schematic?

I think you need to supply some more info. Make? Model? Year? Locked after being parked? ...or while driving? Below freezing? Just any old schematic would likely be of NO value!

How do you fixed a locked caliper?

If it is locked up then replace that caliber and remove and replace all brake fluid in the system.

Why is my gear shifter locked .my car is started but will not shift into gear?

the brake interlock press on the brake to release it

Why does the brake light come on on a 2003 Prado when it is parked and locked?

The switch is out of adjustment.

What does it mean when a 2003 ford explorer gearshift is locked up?

It could be a bad brake light switch. You have to step on the brake to shift it out of park.

How do you remove a transmission from a locked up engine?

very care fully or u will brake the flywheel

What will cause f-1991 F150 front emergency brake to not release?

Front emergency brake? Do you mean a frozen cable? If front brake is locked may be a frozen caliper Emergency brake tied to rear brakes only

Why did your brakes lock on 52 Chevy?

Either one or more wheel cylinders are corroded and locked up or the master cylinder is locked up. First thing to do is check the master cylinder. Then check each wheel cylinder. Replace or rebuild any that are corroded or locked up. Replace all the brake fluid in the system. On a vehicle this old, I am sure the brake fluid is contaminated. Also a leaking wheel cylinder will cause a brake to lock up. One other possibility is a collapsed brake hose. Inspect them carefully.

How Do you unlock A locked Passenger side rear brake In a 95 gti?

Ok so i figured this one out on my own. Remove the rear tire that the brake is locked up on, if the hand brake is on, lower the lever in the car. locate the e-brake wire on the rear of the disk brake/caliper. This should be behind the rotor and caliber and is identifible by the fact that it is not a hydraulic line. You should see that it is held in place by a bracket with tension on it, hence why the brake is "locked" remove the bracket holding in the brake line in place {not the hydraulic line!!} Once the bracket is removed simple pull out the e-brake line with a pair of pliers, Shazam! the brake should release. If not a few light taps with a hammer should help. Save the bracket for the e-brake as you will need it if you ever decide to fix it. This is a temporay fix with no real long term affects to your braking system, Except the fact that you will only have one E brake working.

How can you get your locked keys out of your 1999 Chrysler 300m?

You will need to call a locksmith unless you want to brake a window.

My 2004 land rover Discovery is stuck in neutral?

Check to see if Brake lamps work when brake pedal is pressed. If not gear shifter is locked for safety so replace fuse or repair brake lamp switch.

How would you release for towing if the brakes were locked up?

If trailer brakes are locked up it is probably because they have not been used in some time or need servicing. Sometimes rapping on the back of the brake assembly LIGHTLY may release them but it would be better to remove the wheels and brake drums and service them.

Which of the following COULD cause the brake warning light to come on?

Brake fluid in reservoir below acceptable level.

How do you install a brake controller in a 2003 2500HD Chevrolet?

By following the instructions that came in the box of the new trailer brake controller.

1999 ford escort gear shift is locked?

the brake light switch at the pedel is bad and stop it from coming out off gear see you have brake light if you don,t that's your promblem

Why won't my 1999 Pontiac Grand Am turn the key?

make sure steering wheel isn't locked. have your foot on the brake.

Why would front brakes lock up?

Your brake calipers have pistons that can after years of driving and not properly flushing the brake system become frozen. You may also want to replace the brake hoses at the same time as they can sometimes produce locked brakes as well.

What are 4 components of brake system?

Brake system usually has the following components: 1) brake pedal 2) brake fluid tank 3) brake system hoses 4) calipers 5) rotors 6) pads p.s. If it's a drum brake system - brake drums replace calipers and rotors.

Why wont your left rear tire turn on your 1993 Cadillac?

Brakes locked, wheel bearing frozen to spindle, emergency brake on.

How do you get the gear shift on a 1997 Chev blazer to move or unlock when its locked in park?

The shifter on automatic transmission cars is interlocked with the brake. You can not take it out of PARK unless you press on the brake pedal. If you are pressing on the brake and it still will not come out of PARK, the interlock solenoid may be bad.