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Adjusting Convergence on LCD TV

Yes there is. ALL LCD/Plasma televisions have adjustment for convergence, RGB drive, color saturation and a virtual host of other parameters than can be adjusted through the "technician's service menu".

Unfortunately, you are not supplied with the information to access that menu and you're limited to a "user's menu" which allows you to only adjust some of the basics, like volume, tone, color, tint and several more.

Methods of access vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. And the main reason that a consumer isn't given access to these menus is simply because they can totally screw up a set with just the push of a button, requiring hours to correct by a qualified technician.

Of course, most all of them have a factory default to recover most of the settings, but there's still a lot of finite settings that would have to be adjusted to get your TV looking right again.

Depending on the LCD manufacturer, it may be adjustable for your specific set, or you could have a problem with the LCD digital or driver modules. Even the LCD display itself could be failing.

Best bet is to call a QAUALIFIED technician and have it checked out. If you don't have an extended service plan from where you purchased the set, or if it's out of manufacturer's warranty, some of the repairs could be quite expensive. enough so that it may be worth looking into buying a replacement set.

I've been doing LCD/plasma repairs for the last year and a half for a big box retailer, so I think I know what I'm talking about.

Another opinion from a WikiAnswers contributor:

  • unlike big screens that hav a red green and blue light the lcd only has 1 light so I'm guessing to contact the manufacturer and see what they say to do

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Q: Is there any way to adjust or fine tune convergence on a LCD rear projection TV?
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