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There is a surgical way; it is called a mastopexy, where only skin is removed and the breasts are "lifted." If surgery is not an option for you, you could firm up the underlying muscle, thereby making the breast seem a little firmer. But, unfortunately, the only real way to firm them up would be a mastopexy.

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Q: Is there any way to firm up your breasts after major weight loss?
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Is there any natural way to firm loose breasts?

No.Weight loss will reduce the size and so the "looseness" of the breast somewhat.

Will your breast grow after you lose weight?

Breasts normally go down a size or two after weight loss

How do you lose weight from your breast?

Hey Guys I just read the greatest weight loss book on the planet check out here h ttps://am zn.t o/2M enRxS (Erase the space from the link)

What is the difference between breasts before and after marriage?

Getting married does not change breasts. Weight gain or loss and exercise, and pregnancy can change them. But not just getting married.

Can you shrink your breasts?

Weight loss will reduce breast size as will breast reduction surgery.maybe maybe not

What are some exercises for smaller breasts?

There are no specific exercises for reducing the breast size. Overall weight loss of body fat, which the breasts contain mostly fatty tissue, could aid in smaller breasts.

Does pushing down on the breast tissue make the breast smaller?

No. It can temporarily make breasts appear smaller, but there is no way to decrease the size of breasts except weight loss or surgery.

You want to lose a few inches and about 10 to 14 pounds in 25 days without worrying about your breast size decreasing Possible?

Not going to happen. Weight loss equals fat loss. Breasts at the end of the day are pretty much fat. A lot of women actually lose weight in their breasts first.

Why do you lose your breasts first when you lose weight?

This is just an educated guess, but I'm betting that you lose the same percentage (say, 10%) of fat everywhere in your body when you lose weight. In a place where you have little fat and lots of muscle, 10% of fat loss wouldn't be very obvious. Because your breasts are mostly fat, 10% of fat loss would be much more obvious, making it seem like you're losing more weight/losing weight first in your breasts.

How do you lose breast weight?

Spot reduction of fats is not possible. But still if you aim at losing fat and weight all over your body you will eventually lose weight from your breasts also. But fat loss from breasts will be slow as women need fat in their breast cavity for being a healthy women

Where can I find info on cosmetic surgery after weight loss online?

Check out the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website, They have a lot of information about "body contouring" after major weight loss.

Does Weight Watchers offer a vegetarian weight loss diet?

Weight Watchers offers several vegetarian weight loss diets, as do its major competitors such as NutriSystem. Calling Weight Watchers directly or visiting a store are sensible options as well.

What are some of the benefits to weight loss surgeries?

All weight loss surgeries will have some different benefits. One of the major and greatest benefits of weight loss surgery is less of an appeitte. After surgery the patient is still sugested to eat a healthy and sensible diet.

What are the effects of meth on the body?

major weight loss, and constantly being fast paced.

How does cycling help in fat loss?

Cycling is an activity that burns calories. If the body is in negative caloric balance, it will lose weight. This is how cycling helps in weight loss From a practical standpoint, cycling does little for fat loss. The major contributor is a low calorie diet and weight training

Can diarrhea cause health problems?

The major effects of diarrhea are dehydration, malnutrition, and weight loss.

Are there any tips or special methods to get smaller breasts without surgery and preferably without weight loss?

Are there ways to have smaller breast without surgery or exercise?

How fat man have breast and how it can be controled or removed?

Breasts are fatty tissue. If a man collects enough fatty tissue, some of that will settle in the breasts. First thing to try is simply to go for some weight loss. If you're fat enough to have developed breasts, odds are there are plenty of other health benefits for you from losing weight. If you don't want to do that, then surgery is your only other option.

When should you consider having a breast augmentation surgery?

When your breasts are too small; or if you are not happy with the size of your breasts; when there is loss of volume and the breasts begin to sag slightly, as a result of sudden weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding or aging; When one is dissatisfied with the outcome of previous surgery in terms of size. Also it is good to for you to know that surgery for breast augmentation can safely be combined with the correction of breast asymmetry.

Keys To A Successful Gastric Operation.?

For the seriously overweight, a gastric operation could offer major weight loss results almost immediately. Also known as gastric bypass, this surgery has been successfully performed on thousands of individuals. Most of these individuals immediately experienced major weight loss. If you plan on commissioning weight loss surgery, be sure to implement a thorough diet and exercise program. Weight problems are partly behavioral, and many individuals who lose weight end up gaining the weight back over time. Any weight loss surgery must be accompanied by serious behavioral changes for maximum success. Without serious reforms, any weight loss will be merely temporary.

Do breasts grow after Breast Reduction due to pregnancy?

I'm finding online that they do...pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss and gravity can cause changes in the breasts AFTER a breast reduction. My doctor said, "would you rather have those changes with a large chest or those changes with a smaller one?" Hope that helps!

Can you do basic exercise to help you lose weight?

Doing exercises will help you firm and tone your body. It also builds muscle and burns calories. It is certainly a key part of any weight loss program.

The first step before beginning any weight-loss or weight-gain strategy is to consult a doctor?

True------>APEX:)Before starting any major weight loss of weight gain excersise you should consult your doctor if this is right for you as your goal weight might be unhealthy.true

Weightloss using ecstasy?

directly no is doesn't make you lose weight but constantly taking the drug can result in major weight loss because of a loss of appetite food seems quite repusling when on or after taking the drug

What will a price taking firm do with a loss?

Minimize its loss by producing until MC = MR