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Is there any way to firm up your breasts after major weight loss?


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2004-10-21 04:28:47
2004-10-21 04:28:47

There is a surgical way; it is called a mastopexy, where only skin is removed and the breasts are "lifted." If surgery is not an option for you, you could firm up the underlying muscle, thereby making the breast seem a little firmer. But, unfortunately, the only real way to firm them up would be a mastopexy.


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No.Weight loss will reduce the size and so the "looseness" of the breast somewhat.

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Breasts normally go down a size or two after weight loss

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Getting married does not change breasts. Weight gain or loss and exercise, and pregnancy can change them. But not just getting married.

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Weight loss will reduce breast size as will breast reduction surgery.maybe maybe not

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There are no specific exercises for reducing the breast size. Overall weight loss of body fat, which the breasts contain mostly fatty tissue, could aid in smaller breasts.

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