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It is possible to get pregnant naturally after having had a tubal ligation. Your chances are approximately 1.4-2%.

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Is it possible to pregnant after having a tubal?

Yes. Your likelihood of pregnancy after a reversal obviously is greater but you can still get pregnant without a reversal. You should consult your doctor with the specifics of your situation.

Is there a way to get pregnant after having a tubal without having a tubal reversal?

Yes, it's called in vitro. Although sometimes the tubal ligation doesn't work perfectly and a woman can become pregnant.

How can i get pregnant with my tubes tie cut and brunt?

Either by having a reversal, or by IVF and implantation.

Can you take fmla for a tubal reversal surgery?

I am on FMLA after having a tubal reversal, but you may want to check with your HR/Benefits office to do double check your companies policy.

Can cyst be treated without having surgery?

You can check for Gamma knife surgery.

Is spine surgery safe for pregnant women?

With my resources there seems to be no issues with a pregnant woman having spinal surgery. Only in rare cases this type of surgery causes the placenta leak.

Can you become pregnant after having your tubes tied for 11 years?

i don't think so, but you can always get a reversal i did and i got my tubes cut burn and tied and now i have 3 babies after the reversal

How do you get pregnant without going to the doctor my husband had surgery in 2005 an we had a son in 2007 now we r having trouble again what do we do?

figure out when you ovulate first. when you do, that's the best time to have sex and try to get pregnant.

Is it possible to become pregnant without having a period?

no you have to ovulate to get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant with your tubes tied clipped and burnt?

It's very rare but it does happen. There is less than a 2% failure rate after having the procedure. Plus the chances of a viable pregnancy goes down as most are ectopic pregnancies. If you want to get pregnant you should look into tubal reversal surgery or into in vetro fertilization.

Is there more ways to get pregnant than having sex'?

You can get pregnant by Atificial Insemination without ever having sex.

Can a women get pregnant without having a period?

If a woman does not have a period she cannot get pregnant.

Can you get pragant after having your tubes tied and would it be safe?

Yes, there is a slight chance that you may get pregnant. Is it safe? It is safe if the baby is in the uterus and not in the fallopian tube (ectopic pregnancy). If you feel that you may be pregnant then you need to contact your physician ASAP. For those that want children after having their tubes tied it is possible and quite safe. There are usually two choices for those who desire children after a ligation the first being IVF and the tubal reversal. More and more couples are now choosing tubal reversal surgery due to the better pregnancy success rate and lower cost than IVF. The Tubal Reversal Pregnancy Report 2009 is the largest study completed to date on the success of tubal reversal concerning pregnancy.

Had a tubal done 4 years ago an want to get pregnant without having a tubal reversal?

your chances of becoming pregnant with out a tubal reversal are slim to none. I know its not the answer you were hoping for but its the truth. tubaligations are considered permanant birth control. some times your bady can self heal itself. but again that is not very likely. it has happened but the percentage is very low. your other optin would be ivf.

Can you get pregnant having the IUD after gastric bypass surgery?

There is a small rate of accidental pregnancy with the IUD, but its effectiveness is not changed by gastric bypass surgery.

Can you be pregnant without having sore or tender breasts?

Yes you can be pregnant, the P.T will confirm it for you.

Can a man get a vagina?

There is a construction process, but yes, a man can have surgery to get a vagina.

How soon can you try to conceive after having a tubal reversal?

Our doctor (Dr Levine)) told us we had to wait 6 weeks after surgery to make sure everything is healed

If you have your tubes tied but going on 9 years later you want another baby and you do not want a tubal reversal can you still have a baby?

I don't want to sound bad but chances are low on having a baby without reversal. But I have heard that after 10 years there's a 1.8 chance of getting pregnant. But nothing isn't impossible for God.. good luck

How dangerous is the surgery if your pregnant after having your tubes tied?

Pregnancy after tubal ligation isn't a surgical problem.

Is it possible to be pregnant after a TL and having periods?

It is possible to get pregnant after Tubal Ligation as there is a failure rate for this procedure which must have been discussed before surgery.

Will insurance pay for a tubal ligation reversal if you are having more problems since the tubal ligation?

No insurance considers it to be a elective surgery to have Tubal Ligation so they wont cover it.

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