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YES, Contact your lender and work something out.

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Q: Is there any way you could get your payments lowered on your vehicle?
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Is it legal to repossess a vehicle for late fees and not regular vehicle payments?

Yes. Any amounts owing.

Can a disabled person's vehicle be repossessed in Florida?

A disabled person's vehicle can be repossessed just as any other person's vehicle can be repossessed. You must make all payments on your vehicle if you want to keep it.

How many payments can you be past due before a lender can legally repossess your vehicle?

Usually Three. Could be less in some states. In reality, one should not be any payments past due - this will definitely harm ones credit ratings for the next 7 years!!

You are the primary owner on a vehicle you owe 700 on the loan and the cosigner decided to take the vehicle even though they havent made any payments can they do that?

Two things to consider here: First, the cosigner is an equal owner of the vehicle regardless of whether or not any payment has been made by him. This is a matter of contract law. Second, and typically in cases where payments are not current, the cosigner/co-owner can take possession of the vehicle to protect his credit if his intention is to surrender the unit or to make payments current.

I make payments on a vehicle and have insurance in my name but the car is in my brother's name is this legal?

No. The primary insured MUST match who owns the vehicle, otherwise any claims made for that vehicle will most likely be denied.

What is eBay Safe Pay by Motors?

Its a SCAM! Avoid any contact with them. Ebay only works with for payments and any type of vehicle purchase

In Indiana if a car is reposessed and you only owe a few payments and the vehicle is sold at an auction do you get any of that money back?

lol no

What are your rights as a consumer in the US as related to repossessions?

* You have the right to possess any vehicle you do make payments on or have paid for. * You have the right to retain possession of said vehicle provided you continue to make contracted payments toward the unpaid balance of the principle. * You have the right to have your vehicle repossessed if you fall delinquent on your vehicle payments to the contracted lender. * If your vehicle is repossessed, you have the right to recover any actual private property that was in the vehicle at the time of repossession. * You have the right to pay fees for recovering your property that was in the vehicle at the time of repossession. * You have the right to pay all unpaid balances and fees accrued as a result of the repossession process. That's about sums it up. I confess I did substitute "right" for "responsibility" in several places.

If the cosigner has possession of vehicle and all payments are up to date can person named first take the vehicle at any time?

Whomever is named on the TITLE has equal rights to the possession of the car.

Can the colction take your semi truck if i buy one?

If you don't make your payments, they can be repossessed, the same as any other vehicle.

If you bought a car and the title and loan are in your name but you allowed a friend to take over and now the friend has stopped making payments can you take the vehicle back?

As long as the title and loan are in your name the car is yours. Any payments missed will effect your credit. Take the vehicle back, now.

Can the loan company for your vehicle charge you for insurance?

Yes. If you are making payments to a car lender, you are generally REQUIRED to insure the vehicle. If at any point they discover that you are NOT insuring the vehicle, they have every right to force coverage as they have a financial interest in that car.

Will the insurance company accept your claim on a vehicle that is stolen if your late on your car payments?

They will accept almost any claim, paying it is another matter.

Is monthly private party car payments considered rental fees?

Until the vehicle is paid for, a person is basically renting the vehicle. If that person pays all but the last monthly payment and defaults, he or she has broken the contract (verbal or written) and is not entitled to any refunds or compensation. The monthly payments are rent for that vehicle, similar to renting anything else, an apartment, equipment, a moving van. The money is for the use or privilege of using the vehicle.

How could one obtain cash for structured settlement payments?

One can obtain cash for structured settlement payments from any of the legal financing companies. Structured settlements is a periodic payments of funds. It is received as a claimant of injured party.

If you bought a vehicle and you still owed money on it can you sell it to some one and have them take over the payments?

It is not a good idea. If that person does not make any payments then you are on the hook. The ownership can not be changed anyway, because it is listed as security under a registry.

Where online could one do a vehicle history check?

One can do an online vehicle history check at Car Fax. They always have the most updated information, and can look up any history on any vehicle.

What is a Metal popping noise in Dodge Caravan?

Could be one of a number of things, as it could be in any vehicle.

Can a cosigner come and take your vehicle for personal reason?

The cosigner is not able to come and obtain your vehicle for personal reasons or any other reason. A cosigner is not claiming ownership of your vehicle, they are simply vouching for your credibility and agreeing that if payments aren't made that they will uphold the responsibility.?æ

How do you get child support from a tax refund?

When you claim that your ex is behind in payments, the support enforcement agency will get permission to get any arrears from your ex's tax return, this is after they have already tried to get payments from them and could not.

Are concession trucks expensive to own?

Concession trucks could be expensive to own, especially in this day and age, when fuel costs are on the rise. When owning a concession truck, you could expect to pay basic vehicle expense and upkeep (any payments, gasoline, insurance and maintenance) as well as the cost of the merchandise you are peddling!

How long after a reposession can you reclaim a vehicle?

Up until the day they sell the car. As long as you pay the repossession fees and make up all back payments plus any administrative charges. That is if the lender agrees which they do not have to do. You broke the contract when you failed to make the payments on time so they can refuse the payments and sell the car.

Can a bank sell your vehicle the day after it is repossessed in Alabama?

Depending on how many payments your behind. If you are behind a great margin I think they would to try to make back the money lost but if you're one or two payments behind they will give you a chance to catch up and if you fail to make any payments after they contact you they will sell.

What will happen if you move out of the country stop making car payments and register a vehicle in Mexico if the dealer still holds the title?

The person taking the vehicle out of the country would be guilty of a felony according to the state laws where the vehicle was purchased. It could be grand theft auto, stealing by deceit, transporting a stolen vehicle across state lines (which can be a federal charge), and any number of other criminal charges. It is probably possible with enough money changing hands with certain person's to register a stolen vehicle in Mexico.

Can I cosign for my boyfriends vehicle?

If you are credit-worthy, you may be able to co-sign for your boyfriend's vehicle. But be aware that if he fails to make payments for any reason, you are liable for the debt and the creditor will come after you and possibly file suit against you. - I wouldn't do it.