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Is there anything a 15-year-old boy can do about a girl he likes if there is no way in heck he is going to date her?


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You sound very confused right now and at 15 I can see why. It takes practice to get use to asking girls out. Unless this girl is 17 or more there is every reason you will stand a chance of going out with her. I know lots of young people that date over-weight people, or pleasant looking people that aren't one of the "beautiful people." You need more confidence and the only way you can get it is to put both feet in the water and go over and ask her out on a date. If she is 17 years or older then your chances are slim because she has to maintained the all time "cool" at high school and with her peers. Don't let any rejection (we all go through it) throw you off balance as far as asking girls out on a date. Good luck Marcy No... she's a year younger than me Now take a deep breath and ask her out! Good luck Merry Christmas Marcy I CAN'T DO IT!!!!! I'm too nervous she's popular I'm unpopular I just can't do it I need really serious help getting her on my side........ :(


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just hang out with them. if you see them when you're going somewhere stop and have a conversation. see if you like them by hanging out somewhere. if they aren't really "dating material" then don't. Just keep being nice, but don't do anything that would make them think you want to date them.

well if ur friend is not planning to do anything to be with him..then i think it's ok to go;)..and besides, he asked YOU to go on a date, which means that he likes u not ur friend,a nd if she is a real friend, she should be happy for you two:)...go on a date and have the best time;) thanks ill take ur word on it

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no, because he cant seem to get anything right in his life.

We never know, we can't predict the future, anything could happen

A DATE OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANSWER: well, i would first tell her how u feel, and see how far it goes. if she likes u back, its a date! but if she still likes u as a friend, u guys r just going as buddies. FROM QUESTIONER: how should i ask her? (what should i say?)

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You should totally go and date him if you really really like him.Plus you totally know he likes you too.He probly likes you if he asks you out on a date. Like I said if you like him and he likes you totally go for it!

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