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Condoms and spermicide will prevent pregnancy if used before sex.

If you are already pregnant, there is nothing in a store to terminate it in the US.

If you have had unprotected sex within the past five days, you can get emergency contraception over the counter in the store to reduce the risk of pregnancy. The most reliable methods of emergency contraception are available from a health care provider, though. The most effective is the copper IUD.

If you are already pregnant, I would still advise going to a Planned Parenthood and discussing your options. You can have an abortion up until around 3-4 months of pregnancy or later, depending on your state's laws.

If you don't want to have an abortion, you can discuss whether you want to keep your child or put it up for adoption.

You may wish to consider adoption. There are many variations possible. Some states, such as California, have a no-questions-asked baby drop-off at hospitals and fire stations---other states may do as well. But if you prefer to have some input into the adoption process, even choosing the parents for the child, then you can have anything from an open adoption (where you keep in touch with the child all through their life), semi-open (some exchange of letters and photos through a third pary), or closed (no contact). There is a lot of freedom of choice. A specialized adoption lawyer can set you up. Generally, there is no or very low lawyer's fees for the woman putting the baby up for adoption---the adoptive parents foot the bill. The local Children's Aid Society can put you in touch with a social worker specializing in adoptions. There are lots of choices and options available.

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Q: Is there anything you can take that you can get in the store to stop pregnancy?
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Can you take birth controle 5 days after sex to stop pregnancy?

No, it will not stop pregnancy after intercourse!

Is warm skin a pregnancy symptom?

That can be anything and is not typical as a pregnancy symptom. Take a test.

What medicine to take to stop one month pregnancy?


How do you safe from pregnancy?

If you are a male, use a condom. A female, Use a femidom. Or you can take pills to stop the pregnancy.

How do you stop pregnancy after conceiving?

You have to take birth control or you might have to get an abortion.

Does pregnancy even take place from a lip lock or anything like that?


How long to stop taking pills to determine pregnancy?

You can take a pregnancy test while you're on the pill. You don't need to stop the pill to find out if you're pregnant.

Should you take a pregnancy test while spotting?

You can, there's nothing about spotting that would effect the outcome of the pregnancy test or stop you from being able to take a pregnancy test. You can use a pregnancy test from two weeks after sex.

Is there a certain time when you can take a pregnancy test?

You can take it whenever. You don't have to be at a certain stage in order to take a pregnancy test. You can go to any drug store and pick one up.

Are there any pills that may stop the pregnancy if so what is is called?

There is a pill called the day after pill. You can take it up to 5 days after you had sex. If the sperm has already reached the egg, it won't do anything. The pill prevents you from getting pregnant, but it won't stop you from being pregnant if you are already pregnant. The only thing you can do to stop the pregnancy while you are pregnant is to get an abortion.

Can you take pregnancy test after 36 hours?

You can but it is unlikely to tell you anything. 36 hours is far to early to predict pregnancy.

What pill you take to stop the pregnancy of 10 days?

Mifepristone followed by Misoprostol given to you by the doctor before 9 weeks of pregnancy.

Is gas and cramps a sign of pregnancy?

That can be anything and is not typical as a pregnancy symptom. It can also be your period on the way or something you ate. Take a test.

How soon should you take a pregnancy if he pulled out?

2 weeks. a pregnancy test can't tell you anything for at least 2 weeks.

Is gas and cramps are signs of pregnancy?

That can be anything and is not typical as a pregnancy symptom. It can also be your period on the way or something you ate. Take a test.

Can transparent urine be a sign of pregnancy?

No, clear urine is a sign that you are drinking plenty of fluids, which is a good thing. Take a store pregnancy test after your missed period to confirm a pregnancy.

When will pregnancy signs stop after miscarriage?

it can take a couple of months until the hormones have settled.

How many days after your period is over can you do a pregnancy test?

you can take the test theday you stop.

Can you take venterlin in your first trimester of pregnancy?

This must be a tocolytic to stop your premature contraction.

Can you stop being pregnant with birth control?

No. Birth control is intended to prevent pregnancy only. Birth control does not stop an existing pregnancy. It is not safe to take birth control while you are pregnant.

What pain relief medications are safe to take during pregnancy?

Many medications are not safe to take during pregnancy, but most doctors will recommend Tylenol over anything else.

Can you stop pregnancy of two weeks by taking any pill?

Hello, There is a pill which you can take to stop pregnancy; which is known as an abortion. You will need to see your Doctor about this medication and you will also need to have your pregnancy confirmed. This pill can only be used in early pregnancy, so you will need to see your Doctor this week.

How do you stop thinking you're pregnant?

take a pregnancy test if you are pregnant then it will set your mind at rest if your not then you will stop thinking you are because you will know your not.

If you stop taking the pill and can't tell when you ovulate but have have pregnancy symptoms when do you take a test?

Take the test after you miss your period.

Could you stop a day pregnancy?

Within 48 hours you can take the 'morning after' pill. The sooner you take it the better chances you have.