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The way I have 110VAC/60Hz is to take 12DC power supply and 12DC to 110AC 60Hz converter, designed for car use and can be found in the netshops. Answer The way that industry used to do this is to run a motor-generator combination. The motor is matched to and runs from the available power supply while the generator is designed for the desired output. If you have a 220/50hz generator, you need to adjust the govenor to raise the speed 120%, and either find the center tap of the 220 or get a 2:1 step-down transformer which is readily available. ?Answer The above answers completely answer your question, but you might not need the 60Hz part (depending on what you are trying to run). I have lived in Europe aboard a sailboat for a number of years, and everything on the boat (which is designed for 110V/60Hz) runs fine on 110V/50Hz, with the exception of the Microwave oven. Getting 110V/50Hz from 220V/50 Hz is as simple as a 2:1 Transformer, which is readily available. Most modern TV & VCRs seem to work on 50 or 60 Hz without a problem. Check the label on the device to see if it will work with 50Hz. (Motors are the most likely to have problems and could potentially burn up running at 50 instead of 60). ?Answer To go with the above answer, clocks will not work correctly as they are tuned to the frequency and the only other appliance I had a problem with was my computer monitor for some reason. ?Answer No you CAN NOT get 110v/60hz from a 220v/50hz power supply.
The following answer maybe more in tune with the question. In North America our domastic single power supplies are 110/220/60hz or 120/240/60hz or 120/208/60hz etc. In simple terms to explain the way to generate these power supplies are to connect two generators or generator windings in series (3 wire system, lets give them a color code of Black-White-Red)(White=centre tap or neutral wire) with output of 110 volt obtain from Black with White or Red with White and 220 volt from Black with Red. While in Europe the power supply is 220v/50hz generated with one generator with no tap for 110v/50hz. ?Answer The motor-generator method is the traditional method, but for the last 30 or 40 years, and electronic method would usually be preferred. Frequency changing is much more complicated than voltage changing, but it can be done, even up to gigawatt levels. A rectifier first converts the power to DC, and an inverter then produces the required output frequency and voltage. The first answer gave an example of this approach.
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Q: Is there anyway to get 120V 60hz from a 240V 50hz power supply?
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You are building a new house and trying to decide between 120v and 240v which is better More practical?

In the US, both 120v and 240v will be needed for your home, as different appliances need different voltages. Your TV needs 120V, while your electric dryer and stove will need a 120V/240V supply. If you have an electric water heater, or central AC unit, they will need a 240V supply.

How can you convert a 240v clothes dryer to 120v can you use to different outlettes?

You cannot use 2-120v outlets to power a 240v dryer. You can convert a 240v dryer outlet to power 2-120v outlets if they are supplied with a neutral. This requires a competent electrician. Do not do this yourself.

Will a computer bought in the UK work in the US?

As long as the power supply allows you to toggle between 240v and 120v input, Yes.

What happens when you supply only 120V to a 240V motor?

it won't work properly

Can you wire a 120V stove fan to the 240V supply?

No, you must break it down to a 120 volt supply.

Can I use 120v 10a 1250 w cable for projector 110-240v power in India?

You can use 120v 10a 125w cable projectors 110-240v power in India.

How do you change a heater from 120 volts 3a to 240 volts 1.5 a?

the simplest solution is by connecting two 120v 3amps heater in series , the same can be used directly on 240v. However the current drawn will still be 3 amps & Not 1.5 amps. The heater output power will be double that of a single heater running on 120v. ( or equvalent to two heaters operating on 120v. supply ) A more expensive method is to use a stepdown transformer which can be powered on 240v & connect the heater on the transformer 120v side. this method will consume approx. 1.5 amps from the 240v supply.

You have 120v photo flash lights - how do you use them with 240v in Oz?

Power adaptors are readily available that plug into Australia's 240v outlets, converting to 120v. Find them in travel, luggage and electronics stores.

Can you run your neon sign of 120v 50hz 60hz 0.6a 7.5kv 30mA in an Australian 240v power outlet?

No. The neon sign is fed by a step-up transformer. Primary side 120V, secondary side 7500V. If you applied 240 to the primary side you would get 15000 volts on the neon tube. A flash over and then nothing. If you can find a transformer from 120V to 240V or 240V to 120V then you are good to go. Connect 240V to 240V side and you will get 120V out the other, connect the 120V side to the neon sign and you should have light. Transformer should be at least 100va. This will give you an output of .83 amps at 120V

Is it possible to convert a 120V receptacle on a power generator to a 240V receptacle?

You can using a transformer, but you won't have as many amps available. 5000 watt generator @ 120v = 41.66 amps 5000 watts / 240v = 20.83 amps

Can you take single phase of 120V with a hot wire and a neutral step up to 480v and then step down to 2 phases of 120V or do you have to input 2 phases of 120v to get 240V out?

Theoretically that can be done with transformers, but the power available would still be limited by the circuit breaker on the original 120 v supply.

What takes less energy 120v or 240v?

120V takes less energy

Can I use a 120v rated bulb in a 240v socket on a 120v circuit?


Can a 120V Generator run 240V machines?


Can 240V washer run on 120V outlet?


Can you run a 120V heater with a 240V supply?

Definitely not - it would burn out quickly and probably cause the circuit breaker to trip as well.

What is the normal voltage of house clectricity in the US?

120v or 240v. 120v is one leg of the main panel, and 240 is two legs of the main panel. 120v is lights,outlets. 240v, dryer,stove.

Why are you not getting 240v between the two hot wires?

Because they are "in-phase". In order to get 240v, you need two 120v Alternating Current lines that are 180° out of phase, that is, opposite phases. Only when one line is +120v and the other -120v will you see 240v between the wires.

Can you use UK appliances in the us?

Not unless the appliance is rated to be used with the two different power supplies. The US uses 120v, 60 Hz if it plugs into a receptacle, and possibly 240v, 60Hz if it is hard wired. The UK uses 240v, 50Hz whether it plugs in or is hard wired. These two power systems are NOT compatible. You may use a US appliance in the UK, and vice versa, only if the appliance is dual rated, i.e. the appliance says 120v/60Hz AND 240v/50Hz on the nameplate. If the appliance only specifies one power supply, it can only be used on that power supply. If this is the case, you may be able to use a travel adapter to operate the appliance.

For 1KW electricity does 240V or 120V cost less?

Power = Volts x Amps. Hence 1kW is irrelevant of voltage.

If you put a 60W 120V bulb in a 120V lamp that has a transformer for 240V and plug it into a 240V outlet will it work or blow the circuitry?

Off hand no but your explanations are not clear as to who is doing what to whom,,

How do you plug a 120V appliance into an outlet wired for a 240V?

you get an adapter

Is it safe to use a 120v input battery charger on 240v?


What would cause light sockets to read 130V in a 240V system when the light switch is off?

More than likely, your 240V system has branches that supply a standard household 120V to things like lighting outlets. Most light bulbs in the US run on 120V so this is probably a convenience feature. Otherwise you would have to go to a specialty store and buy 240V bulbs.

What adapters do you need to plug your 240V Ac plug into a 110V AC supply?

There are no adptors to plug a 240v plug into a 120v receptacle. 240v requires two hot wores and a neutral and ground. 120v requires one hot wire, a neutral and a ground. If you have something that runs on 240/120 you need the cord and adaptor that came with the equipment as you willl need the wires to mate up accordingly.