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Yes vitiman B does have an affect on sz. It contributes to the repair of the nervous system, and therefore can only be a contrabution to the brains transmittors, I know when I make my husband take his liquiod vitiman B complex, he tends to be much more calm, and together in his thoughts, and his behavior. I concider this an answer because of the test trial I have observed in my husband. This natural source of treatment, is a far better treatment than the drugs prescribed for mental illness (sz.). However my husband does take rispidal constant, And to tell you the truth, it has helped him tramendously.
However, there are some foods and drinks that must be mentioned, that have provoking bad side effects, and can change their behavior tremendously, mixing Pizza and soda together in large quanities, can through them in to real bad behavior, their diets have a big effect on there behavior, junk food is bad. I must add to this , that not enough rest, can also have bad side effects, lots of water has good effects, and stressful situations can really make for an episode.
No I am not an expert in the classroom, But an observer in the field. You see when my husband was 2 years old, he was severly beaten by an evil person, His head had to be reconstructed, The head injury also necessitated surgical placement of a ventriculoparietal shunt to minimize hydrocephalus by draining excess cerebral-spinal fluid from his head. This has given him cognitive deficits, When he was thirteen the shunt had some problems, and it was removed, he was sent home. Unfortunately, excessive cerebral-spino fluid was still being produced the pressure created by this hydrocephalus cause premanent damage to Alex's optic nerve rendering him blind. Thanks to God for answering prayer Alex no longer lives with a shunt and has been given some of his sight back. All I can say is God is good, when bad things happen. Hope this helps, Diana

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What is the role of vitamin B?

What's the role for Vitamin B

What is the Role of beneficial bacteria in the alimentary canal?

Produce vitamin k and vitamin b

What is biotin?

Biotin is an essential vitamin that has been grouped with the B-complex vitamins since it was discovered, in yeast alongside other B vitamins.Although it is technically known as vitamin B7, it is usually simply referred to as biotin. It is currently being marketed for improving nail, skin, and hair aesthetics. There is not much evidence to support biotin's role in this. Biotin's general role is an enzymatic cofactor.

Where to get vitamin B from?

You can get vitamin B from milk

Name the vitamins possessing antioxidant role?

Vitamin E, B6, B 12, C

What type of metal is found in Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B-12 is actually a group of compounds called cobalamins, which contains the metal ion -- cobalt. This vitamin is known for playing a role in brain and nervous system functions and for its role in forming blood.

What is the difference between vitamin B and vitamin b complex?

There is no vitamin b. There are only B-complex vitamins. B-1 through B-12

Does lettuce have vitamin B in it?

yes it has vitamin b in it

What is the B vitamin found predominantly in foods of animal origin is?

Vitamin B12 is considered predominantly in food of animal origin. However, other members of the Vitamin B group - Vitamin B 1, - Vitamin B 2, - Vitamin B 3, - Vitamin B 5, - Vitamin B 6, and - Vitamin B 8 are also found in food of animal origin. Food sources for these vitamins are detailed in the related links.

Which B-vitamin is stored in the body?

The B-vitamin that is stored in the body is vitamin B-12. The liver is capable of storing this vitamin for years.

Sources of vitamin b?

you can get vitamin b from supliment tablets

What is the scientific name of vitamin b?

the vitamin b is mabaho

How do you conserve vitamin b?

Drinking more vitamin b

What is a difference between vitamin B and vitamin B-complex?

vitamin b complex is also a group of vitamins

Do whole grains contain vitamin b?

It's likely that grains do have vitamin B. Some grains have 26% of vitamin B, some grains have 15% of vitamin B etc.

What has the author Lewis B Hill written?

Lewis B. Hill has written: 'Psychotherapeutic intervention in schizophrenia' -- subject(s): Schizophrenia, Psychotherapy

What would happen if you didn't have vitimin B?

Vitamin B is not a single vitamin, it is a complex vitamin.

What can be done if you take vitamin b and still have low vitamin b?

Take Vitamin B more regularly or go to your doctors?

Which vitamin is a water souble vitamin?

vitamin B and vitamin c

What is the function of a vitamin?

There are many types of vitamins and they all have their role in your body. But one of the many common types of Vitamins would be: Vitamin C, Vitamin B, and Vitamin A Vitamin C: It is needed for wound healing, healthy gums and teeth. Vitamin B: Assists in carbohydrate metabolism, helps nerves and heart to function properly. Vitamin A: Keeps eyes and skin healthy, needed for strong bones and teeth.

What is Antihaemorrhagic Vitamin?

vitamin b

What vitamin does main role for healthy hair?

Vitamin E and B are good for both hair and nails and helps your hair to grow faster, stronger and much healthier.

What are the nutrients in carrots?

vitamin A,B,and CNutrients in Carrots: * Vitamin B * Vitamin C * Vitamin D * Vitamin K * Calcium * Potassium * Magnesium

What vitamins are in milk?

Vitamin a, Vitamin b, vitamin c.

Carrots are more rich in vitamin a or vitamin b?

vitamin a.