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Is there more than one O2 sensor on a 1997 Dodge Dakota L4?


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2007-02-23 18:08:21
2007-02-23 18:08:21

There are two sensors... an "upstream" (before the catalytic converter) and a "downstream" (after the cat). They are as easy to change as a spark plug. Don't pay to have it done if you are capable of changing a spark plug. You'll need a special socket that has a slot in it to accommodate the wires. Autozone loans these out for free (you just have to leave a deposit). YES THERE ARE MORE THAN ONE


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Yes, it will just wire in 2 more injecors. Visit for more info.

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Before cat on the left(driver) side if it has more than one upstream sensor.Before cat on the left(driver) side if it has more than one upstream sensor.

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Can you be more specific as to your question and what you are asking?

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If its just one injector try replacing it. The last number of the code tells you which sensor it is. If its shows more than one more than likely its the throttle position sensor. $35 and 2 screws and you should be good to go.

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more than likely a scan tool will have to be used, to clear the code that was set , when the ABS light came on.

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