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Is there something you can put in storage containers to keep mold from growing?


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Mold Prevention

First understand what your dealing with, mold in many forms has been around since the dawn of time. There are a few things you can do to prevent mold:

  • First remove any source of Moisture
  • Control the temperature if you really want to stop mold growth
  • Place your goods in breathable containers; use cedar to prevent insects

The best thing to use is silica gel packets, which can be purchased on line, you can buy reusable packets, place them in the oven for 20 minutes at a low temp removes any moisture and drop one after cooling into your storage container.

You will find little gel packets in electronics, small appliance, even some dog food packages, it will not hurt the skin if it come in contact and is fairly cheap.

DO NOT REUSE THE ONES IN Packages, buy the right ones

Damp Rid is calcium chloride it becomes a liquid when used as a dehydrator and is corrosive when a liquid, it is also used for ICE removal in the winter time.

OK for rooms and closets where it doesn't come in contact with your stored contents

You can go to the EPA's web site for additional information Mold and Mold prevention


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The modern family has a big problem—a messy kitchen. Food comes in containers of varying shapes and sizes, and it is nearly impossible to stock a pantry or refrigerator in a way that uses space efficiently. However, bulk food storage containers have changed all of that. It’s now easy to keep your kitchen tidy and save space at the same time. Use these easy steps to organize your kitchen with bulk food storage containers. 1. Figure out which foods you have that can be stored in bulk food storage containers. Cereal, especially the kind bought in huge bags at the grocery store, is the perfect candidate for these containers. So are oatmeal, rice, beans, and most baking products. Additionally, if you buy spices in bulk, food storage containers will help you keep them fresh and out of the way until they are needed. 2. Now that you know what kind of foods you have to store in your storage containers, evaluate the space you have in your kitchen. Measure your pantry openings and heights to make sure that you only buy containers that will fit. Find a good place in your kitchen for storing containers of all different shapes and sizes—the containers won’t do you any good if you have to clear out your entire pantry to get to something you need! 3. Go shopping for your bulk food storage containers. If you can find them in sets, you can save money and have sets that will fit neatly together in your pantry and cupboards. However, you could find a better deal buying them separately! If you do, just make sure that all of the containers you’re buying will fit in your cupboards and not leave you with a cramped space or with too much leftover space. 4. You’ll need a black marker and some labeling tape. Take out all the foods you want to put in your containers and begin putting them in the containers. As you do so, label each container with a piece of tape that has the food name and current date written on it. It saves you time when you’re looking for food and you’ll be able to keep an eye on which foods need to be thrown away or replaced.

While many products say they will keep out many elements only a box made from fiberglass will hold better to keep out insects. Noting only a thermal seal will hold out everthing.

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A refrigerator is used to store and keep food cold for only a few days. Place foods in air tight containers in refrigerator. Foods should be transfered to a freezer for prolonged storage.

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