Is there something you can put in storage containers to keep mold from growing? мониторинг хайпов, инвестиций

Mold Prevention

First understand what your dealing with, mold in many forms has been around since the dawn of time. There are a few things you can do to prevent mold:

  • First remove any source of Moisture
  • Control the temperature if you really want to stop mold growth
  • Place your goods in breathable containers; use cedar to prevent insects

The best thing to use is silica gel packets, which can be purchased on line, you can buy reusable packets, place them in the oven for 20 minutes at a low temp removes any moisture and drop one after cooling into your storage container.

You will find little gel packets in electronics, small appliance, even some dog food packages, it will not hurt the skin if it come in contact and is fairly cheap.

DO NOT REUSE THE ONES IN Packages, buy the right ones

Damp Rid is calcium chloride it becomes a liquid when used as a dehydrator and is corrosive when a liquid, it is also used for ICE removal in the winter time.

OK for rooms and closets where it doesn't come in contact with your stored contents

You can go to the EPA's web site for additional information Mold and Mold prevention