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North and South Vietnam are now united under a central government, with its capital in Hanoi. There is no longer any dispute between the former nations.

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Q: Is there still a feud between north and south Vietnam?
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Why did the Americans make war with Vietnam?

The Americans did not make war with Vietnam. There was no Vietnam. There were two countries: NORTH Vietnam and SOUTH Vietnam. NORTH Vietnam attacked SOUTH Vietnam. The US (Americans) defended SOUTH Vietnam. The US never invaded NORTH Vietnam (the US bombed it though). NORTH Vietnam invaded SOUTH Vietnam. NORTH Vietnam was (and still is) a communist nation. The US was against communism.

Is Vietnam still divided?

Vietnam reunited in 1976 after the end of the Vietnam war, South Vietnam (democratic side) losing to North Vietnam (communist side).

Are there still south and north Vietnam?

No. North and South Vietnam were unified after the fall of the South Vietnamese government in 1976. Vietnams capital is Hanoi, population is 84,238,000, land area is 329,565 sq km.

How long was the DMZ that separated North and South Vietnam?

The DMZ that seperated North and South Vietnam happened a number of years ago, sometime after the second world war, and it is still in effect today, as the countires are still split.

How many people are there in Vietnam?

Look under the question "Is there still a North and South Vietnam?" or something like that. It's similar.

Is Korea still split between north and south?

Yes, North Korea and South Korea are two different countries.

What type of government did Vietnam ended up withe during the war?

North Vietnam took over South Vietnam shortly after we left and Vietnam became Communist, and still is today!

Are the wars in Ireland still between the North and South?

The wars in Ireland were never between the North and the South. They were between Catholic nationalists and Protestant unionists.

What type of economic system does Vietnam have?

Vietnam a Socialist-oriented market economy.After WWII Vietnam as a whole split and started the Vietnam War because the North started to form a more industrial society and the South was still more agricultural and because of this the North adopted Communism and the South stay Capitalistic

Why did S Vietnam's leader refuse to hold democratic elections?

South Vietnam is technically still controlled by North Vietnam so they are communists which is the opposite of democracy. Since North Vietnam wants to stay in control, a North Vietnam leader is chosen to be the leader of South Vietnam so all of Vietmnam would refuse to hold democratic elections since they are both communists basically, even though most of South Vietnam wants to be democratic. Answer. South Vietnam's leader refused to hold elections in 1956 after the agreed partition of Vietnam in 1954 even though elections were part of the agreement signed by both parties in Geneva. The agreement was for elections in North and South Vietnam but it was considered at the time by the South Vietnam government that, such was Ho Chi Minh's hold on the north, any elections could not be democratic there and as there were so many sympathisers for the north in South Vietnam, President Ngo Dinh Diem felt he would loose an election.

In what ways did the north and south differ between 1790 and 1850?

Between 1790 and 1850, the North and South had several differences. One was that the North was more industrialized and the South still did work in folk culture methods.

What happened to Vietnam in 1975?

Well, after the First IndoChina War, Vietnam was split into two countries, North and South. North Vietnam were communists, while south was not. Many people believed in the Domino Theory, or the belief that once Vietnam fell into communism, the rest of SouthEast Asia will asl well. The Vietnam War was considered the Second IndoChina War. The Viet Cong were rebels in South Vietnam and they supported communism as well as the North. The United States supported South Vietnam. Viet Cong would hide in villages in the South which made it hard for the US to win. A saying was "I'd risk 10 of my men for one of yours [United States], but we will still win" The United States failed to win the war, which means SOuth Vietnam fell into communist North.

Who won in war battle south Korea or north Korea?

North Korea failed to conquer South Korea. South Korea (ROK) still exists today, so ROK won. Had the North conquered the South, they would've won. Which occurred in the Vietnam War...the North conquered the South and won the war.

What was the name for the Vietnam war?

The name for what is commonly known in the US as "The Vietnam War" is still contested. The problem is perspective and the different versions are often unsatisfactory and are politically motivated. Some people designate the war fought between the French and Vietnamese as the 1st Indochinese War and then the war between North and South Vietnam as the 2nd Indochinese War. These terms are more accurate in that they demonstrate that the fighting took place in all of Indochina (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos). In Vietnam the war between North and South is often called the American War, where as in the US, people term it the Vietnam War. Both are widely inaccurate and fail to take into account the fact that a number of other countries participated on both sides of the conflict. Also, what is termed as a civil war between North and South can also be viewed as a proxy war, with Soviet and Chinese support of the North and American intervention in the South. Most historians would agree that the war may not have occurred as it did without direct American involvement after the partioning of Vietnam in 1954.

How did the USA become friends with Vietnam?

in the 1950s, the french government was the leading commanding military force in south Vietnam. they were defeated and over run by the north vietnamese troops around 1958 because north Vietnam wanted the french influence thrown out of south Vietnam. the french were massacred. following this, the united states sent u.s advisors, such as the green berets and marine force reconasence, under the orders of president eisenhower. president eisenhower did this because russia and china were pouring in war supplies to north Vietnam. north Vietnam wanted to overcome south Vietnam and gain communist control. north Vietnam, along with russia and china, were communiist, and still are. my boyfriend served 3 tours in Vietnam and was a company force reconasence commander.

What do vietnam korea and germany have in common?

They all were separated into two separate parts. Korea(North- South) Vietnam(North-South) Germany(East-West)ORA+ - They have all been divided by communismAll three have been split into two countries in their history. Germany has been reunited, as has Vietnam, but Korea is still split.

Why was there still anger between the north and south after the civil war?

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What did the 38th parallel divide between?

The 38th parallel was the border between North and South Korea, and still is.

What sparked off the war between north and south Vietnam?

Prior to 1954, there was no North and South Vietnam. It was a single unified country called Vietnam. Unfortunately, it had been under foreign control since 1858 when the French invaded and remained to occupy. Prior to World War 2, Japan invaded Vietnam and forced the French to leave. The American allies promised Vietnam that if they aided the allies against the Japanese, they would be awarded with independence after the war. Although they did provide the aid, unfortunately, the French were allowed to return after the war and assume control. Then in 1946, Vietnam reverted to conventional and guerrilla fighting until the French were finally defeated in 1954. This action was known as The First Indochina War and ended with the signing of a peace treaty in 1954. Unfortunately, Vietnam still could not gain their independence even though the French were not allowed to return. Instead, Vietnam was split into two countries; North Vietnam under communist control and South Vietnam under democratic control. In spite of this settlement, North Vietnam still wanted a single independent Vietnam under communist control. That is why that in 1955, the North Vietnamese began using their regular army to conduct conventional attacks and their Viet Cong allies to conduct guerrilla attacks against South Vietnam. That is how the Vietnam War began.

Why is there still a barrier between north and South Korea?

no one gives a care at this moment

What was a major difference between the north and the south?

They were and are still the opposite ends of a magnet or a planet.

Why did South Vietnam lose the Vietnam War?

Why South Vietnam fall to North Vietnam is still very controversial. The popular Western answer is the U.S. stopped fighting and South Vietnam didn't have the resolve to fight against the Viet Cong and NVA, and were quickly defeated. However, that is far from the truth.ARVN (South Vietnam's army) were fighting against the Viet Cong before and after U.S. military involvement. Nixon gets credit for Vietnamization of the Vietnam War, but ARVN was actually taking over the fighting while Johnson was still in office. ARVN controlled 95% of South Vietnam by the time the Paris Peace Accords was signed in 1973, and retained control until U.S. support was cut by congress after Nixon resigned from office.The Soviet Union and China ramped up their support to North Vietnam while congress cut support to South Vietnam. This quickly caused North Vietnam to become the superior military force while ARVN and South Vietnam became disillusioned of their future. ARVN was no match to the NVA when the Ho Chi Minh Campaign started, and they were quickly routed.Henry Kissinger's recently released private notes suggest another reason why South Vietnam lost. After Soviet-Chinese relations broke down in the early 70's, a deal between China and the U.S. suggests that U.S. interests in Southeast Asia would be given uo for this great shift of power in the Cold War. Nixon's Vietnamization of the War was merely a front to cover South Vietnam being sacrificed.

Is Vietnam still a communist nation today?

Yes Vietnam is still a communist nation. Along with China, North Korea, Laos, and Cuba

What is the relationship like between The US and North and south Korea?

Communist North Korea and Free South Korea are still separated by the 38th Parallel signed during the Armistice in 1953. The US still maintains military forces in South Korea.

Is Vietnam still divided into two countries North and South?

No, the country was reunited in 1976 after the Vietnam War ended. The capitol is Hanoi, and the largest city is Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon.