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Is there such thing as an aquatic police officer?


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March 11, 2011 9:13AM

I know that there are definitely two kinds of related police officer:

1. Police diver

2. Marine Police

3. Environmental Police Officer

The first one deals mostly with search and recovery work - being in the water looking for things, such as a discarded murder weapon, or people that have gone missing and are possibly deceased and in the water. It is quite murky and cramped work.

The second is a police officer who is based on a boat and deals with issues on rivers, docks, and out at sea. This could range from security patrols on the river, through to taxation and customs issues.

The third is a police officer who investigates and deals with environmental crime. I do not know if there is any department that has an aquatic specialty, but countries that are coastal and have marine issues may have one.