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If the individual is otherwise healthy then no. Both the young and the old need much more exercise then that to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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What is a good exercise if you have problems walking?

You can slowly do squats on the stairs of your house. It's good exercise and doesn't cause to much strain on the legs.

How can you get a bigger belly?

Eat fattening foods. Such as fast food -fries burgers ,McDonald's and don't do any exercise whatsoever besides the daily walking you do to get around the house!! or get pregnant........

What are some exercises your dog should do?

Well, it depends on the type of dog. If its a small one it will get enough energy running around your house. It just depends on size and how hyper they are. Walking is the best exercise for your dog, and you get some exercise along the way! You can also buy them some chew toys to play with. But if they are a border collie or a great dane or a dog like that, play with them in the park and take them on a walk each day around your neighborhood.

How do Guinea Pigs exercise?

well they usually like to run around in their cage but you can by them a ball and they like to run around the house in the ball which is great exercise!

Which president rode around the white house instead of walking?

Franklin D.Roosevelt

What is cardiovascular exercise at home?

Running around your house slowly lots of times.

Disadvantage of exercise?

Exercise is a replacement for activities that are productive. The best exercise not only keeps a person fit, but is a result of work or hobby. Just running, or jogging to and walking from the market. Riding a stationary bike, or riding a bike to and from a friends house.

How do you find Nina in harvest moon?

You can find her walking around town. Or inside her house.

Where could you get a hamster leash?

no where. if you want it to walk around the house, buy it an exercise ball, one that is big enough, and clean the floor, so it wont eat stuff off the ground. or then it will die.

What do you do before walking into a Japanese house?

Before walking into a Japanese house, you remove your shoes.

Do you play your flute while walking around your house?

sometimes it really depends on what mood I'm in!

Is a Labrador too big to keep in a town house?

Not if you have enough time to take him for regular long walks and exercise sessions.

What is the normal heart rate after Walking around the house for 2 minutes?

Normal is between 60-100 for an adult.After walking around for 2 minutesit should only go up marginally may be about 10 beats.Of course it depends on how fast you are walking.

How big does a cage have to be to house two guinea pigs?

I have two piggys they need enough space to move around in and play if you dont have a big enough cage they may not get the proper exercise i bought my two piggys a rabbit cage so that i knew they would have enough space i have a 1ft by 3ft cage and they love it

Fharenheit 451 how do clarrisse and montag meet?

When Montag is walking home from the Subway to his house, she is around the corner.

What do you do when your teenage son insists on walking around the house nude in front of you and your two daughters?

Buy him a bathrobe.

How do you make nudist events easier on the spouse who is nervous?

Get used to walking around the house naked first

Where do you find Jericho on Fallout 3?

Jericho can be found in Megaton inside his house or walking around the town.

Does walking affect the heart rate?

Both walking briskly, uphill / against a force (like the wind, for example), or for long periods of time can increase your heart rate as this is considered exercise. Walking to your car in the morning or down the hall in your house probably won't do much to your heart rate.

Which makes people fat overeating or under exercising?

Both contribute, but mostly it's over-eating. At a normal weight, consuming a normal amount of calories, most people can maintain a weight simply by the basic exercise everyone does most days (ie, walking around the house, walking dogs, etc) however if you are eating too much and not exercising enough then you will gain weight. It's quite simple really. Think of it as a basic equation. What goes in must equal what goes out (exercise) to maintain a weight. If what goes in is less that what is going out then you will lose weight and if more is going in than is going out then you will gain weight. To lose weight, decrease calories and increase exercise.

Is it normal for a 14 - 15 - year - old boy to go skinny dipping or walking around the house in complete nakedness?

skinny dipping, fine...walking round the house only if he's alone

My dog pee's on the grass and my dad puts weedkiller on the cracks in the patio so where can my guinea pig exercise?

The dogs pee should not bother the guinea pig. You could just put it on the grass Or get him an exercise ball and he can cruise all around the house by himself. i had a ball for my piggies and i found that they just sat there, they wouldn't walk around in it ^^ I wouldn't recommend an exercise ball because if they do run in it they will cause themselves spinal problems because they aren't flexible enough to use the exercise balls.

How do you get to school from your house?

by walking

What is a sentence for the word suspiciously?

I called the police after seeing two men walking around my neighbors house suspiciously.

Are Pomeranians good house dogs?

They make great indoor dogs, as long as they get enough exercise. Even though they are small, they have a lot of energy.

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