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Is white really a color?

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Answered 2010-10-19 20:17:48
That dependsIt depends upon whom you ask. Scientists consider black to be the absence of light (and colour if you like) and white to be the presence of all colors. Fine artists, on the other hand, believe the complete reverse: white is the absence of color. A housepainter would say it isTo a painter, if you can get it in a can, it's a color.
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Sheshai Fowler
Answered 2021-03-22 15:17:11

White is in the world so I guess so

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Is white a true color?

it really depends on who you are asking. But the real answer is no. White is not a true color.

What color you get when you mix all colors?

If you don't add white [which is really an ABSCENCE of color ], you get black. And if you do add white... You get grey. :3333 Not really...

Are dreams really in black and white and you think their in color or are they in color?

No. but blind people are said to see in black and white

Is white light really white?

no it is not it is a mixture of all the colors in the color spectrum

What color is a house?

white but really they can be any colour

What reflects all the colors of the spectrum?

White, which isn't really a color but the absence of a color

If you mix the colors of the rainbow what color does it make?

It makes white. If you take a color wheel and twirl it really fast (Newton Color Wheel) it turns into white, or off white-ish grey.

Is the white rhinoceros really white in color?

No, the naming of the white rhino is the result of the mis-translation of the Afrikaans word widj meaning wide into English white which is really wyd in Afrikaans. The color of this animal can range from yellowish brown to slate grey.

Is Lady Gaga skin color really white?

Lady GaGa in fact is not white; she is considered to be a rare skin color called olyvine-orange. Its not apparent but no she is not white.

White color stands for?

it stand for relaxation and you can find any person with a white shirt becasue no one really wears that color! hope this helped:)

Is the color black similar to the color white?

Yes, in that they aren't really colors: black absorbs all colors; white reflects all colors.

What color matches with black and green?

white will look really good

Why is the color white used for Christmas?

White is used for Christmas as it is a feast of Our Blessed Lord. All feasts of the Lord call for white. Gold may always be substituted for white (or any color, really).

What is the color of monkey?

the answer is brown and sometimes white they cant really be any other color i dont think it is possable unless you color them

What color goes good with white?

Really every single color looks good with white. For a classic look you could pair up black and white. If you are looking for more of a pop maybe do a bright color like pink or blue with white. White goes with ANYTHING(:

What is Santa Claus's favorite color?

Santa really likes the color white, because it is the color of snow and is also symbolic of purity and goodness. Really, though, he likes all colors.

What color should you paint your door?

well any color you want really, but usually i find that eaithre white or the color of your shutters works

How do you make the color pink?

Mix the colors Dark Red and white not red it will make it a really really light pink really hard to see.

What is Santa Claus' favorite color?

Santa really likes the color white, because it is the color of snow and is also symbolic of purity and goodness. Really, though, he likes all colors.

What Trey Songz's favorite color?

black in white all colors really

What color is Taylor swifts horse?

White! haha no, not really. she doesn't have one.

What color do white light and yellow light make?

really light yellow

Why white color is white?

why white color

When was color first used in print advertising?

Black and white... but for your information, white is the colour which holds the whole colour spectrum, meaning it was really multi-coloured and really really pretty :D

What color is the grass?

The Grass Is Green it can range from black to white so really any color but it is most likely green