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Is wind power a renewable source of energy?

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Yes. Wind energy comes back every day

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Is wind power a renewable or non-renewable source of energy?

Wind is a constantly renewable source of energy.Wind energy is renewable because it harnesses the earth's natural winds. Wind power does not consume anything to be produced. It is the same basic concept as hydroelectric power.renewable

What is a renewable and non renewable energy?

Renewable energy is an energy from a source that can be reused such as Wind Turbines, Water Power.Non-renewable energy is energy from a source that cannot be Replenished.

Is wind power part of fossil fuel?


Why is wind power a renewable energy source?

Wind power is described as a renewable energy source because winds are produced by the suns thermal energy and this is never going to fail or need other sources of energy.

Is power from a Wind turbine a nonrenewable energy source?

no it renewable

Is windmill a renewable energy source?

Yes, because it runs on wind power which is a renewable resource making it a renewable source.

Which of these is not a renewable energy source wind solar power petroleum water?

Petroleum is not renewable.

Is wind a non-renewable energy source?

No, wind is a renewable energy source. The wind will always be blowing!

Does a wind turbine use a renewable source of energy?

yes because wind is a renewable source of energy

What is one renewable source of energy?

One renewable source of energy is solar energy. You can get solar energy from using solar panels. The Renewable Sources of Energy are: Solar Power Hydro Electricity Wind Power Biomass Geothermal

Wind solar hydro and geothermal power are examples of what energy source?

renewable energy

An example pf a renewable energy source is?

Wind power, hydropower, solar energy

What renewable energy produces electricity?

Every renewable energy source produces electricity. (Hydropower/Dams, Wind Power, Solar Power)

Is a wind turbine a renewable energy sources?

Yes, a wind turbine is a renewable energy source!!

Is wind a reneweble energy source or non reneweble energy source?

Wind energy is a renewable resource, as there will always be wind.

An example of a renewable engery source is?

Hydro power, solar power, wind energy, Bio mass

Which isn't a renewable source of energy?

Among water , sun and wind the oil is not a renewable source of energy.

Is wind non-renewable renewable or inexhaustible?

Wind is an inexhaustible source of energy.

Do wind turbines use renewable sources of energy?

yes wind is a renewable source of energy and that is what turbines use

Can wind energy be replaced?

Yes, wind is considered to be a renewable energy source.

Why is wind a renewable energy source?

Wind is a renewable energy source because we will never run out of wind; wind will just keep coming and coming and coming, forever and ever and ever.

What is the best source of renewable energy?


What type of source is wind energy?


Is a wind mill nonrenewable energy?

Wind turbines produce renewable energy. Energy is considered renewable when it is created by a source that is inexhaustible.

What kinds of energy sources are considered renewable?

Wind power like wind mills, solar energy like solar panels. a renewable energy source is something that can be produced forever without running out ex. Wind, sun

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