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I have known women who don't show until they are 7-8 months pregnant. If she does not want to go to the doctor then she could be faking it because no mother would not want to seek medical help. She should definitely be showing, at least a little, by six months.

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โˆ™ 2006-08-07 21:26:05
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Q: Is your friend pregnant if she says she is 6 months pregnant but she has no stomach and her family believes that she is lying and she refuses to go to the doctor?
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Where does a doctor press on your stomach to tell if your pregnant?

The doctor knows you're pregnant by taking a blood test, long before he/she palps your stomach. That doesn't tell whether you're pregnant, only that there is swelling there.

How can you cure stomach pain?

If you are pregnant and have stomach pain you have to consult your doctor. The cure depends on the reason it hurts.

What does it mean when your stomach is hard and it hurts?

You may be pregnant... if not consult an doctor !

Does it mean your pregnant if you feel movement in your stomach?

Yes see a doctor

What does stomach cramps and frequent urinating mean?

Your probly pregnant see a doctor

You have had one stomach ache and your 36 weeks pregnant what should you do?

tell your doctor ASAP

Fell on stomach at 6 weeks pregnant?

You should call your doctor and see what your doctor recommends. He/she may schedule an appointment.

Could you be pregnant if you have bloating and burning in your stomach along with itchy breasts and fatigue?

Yes you could be pregnant. See your Doctor for a blood test.

Im having some serious stomach could it be im pregnant?

There are many reason why you could have stomach aches, just go see a doctor.

You are tired upset stomach bloating dizzy I am not pregnant What else coud it be?

Time to go visit your doctor?

Is it bad if your stomach starts hurting when your two months pregnant?

See your doctor; there are several reasons for the pain.

What can you do if your stomach is burning and you are pregnant?

Try breathing in your nose and out through your mouth slowly and call your doctor for an appointment.

What should you do if you are 13-years-old and pregnant and had a football kicked at your stomach?

== == Go to the doctor.

What does it mean if you dream you are being stabbed in the stomach and then in the hospitle the doctor says you are pregnant with a baby girl?


You are 36 weeks pregnant what is this stabbing pain in your stomach?

You are close to birth, you should be discussing the pain with your doctor.

What causes back pains and sharp pains in the stomach?

your pregnant. Hello, Does not mean your pregnant, could be a number of things. Go to the doctor and good luck.

How do you remove a burn scar on a stomach?

get a doctor or nurse stomach and cut it then the other doctor put the nurse or doctor stomach then he got your stomach and put to the other doctor or a nurse

Can your period skip and then come next month can you still be pregnant?

technically you are not pregnant but if you are having stomach aches you need to to the doctor and take a pregnant test or you can buy a home pregnancy test some times they are wrong that's why you should go to the doctor

What do you call the Doctor Who specialize in stomach?

A Gastroenterologist is a Stomach Doctor.

What do I do if I get hit with a softball in the stomach when I am pregnant?

I would call your doctor just to make sure that everything is alright, but I am sure that it is.

Is it normal if you are pregnant and your stomach is not showing under the belly button and huge above it?

It's not normal, see a doctor

Is a burning sensation in the stomach normal when you're nine months' pregnant?

You should contact your doctor or hospital.

Are you pregnant if you're having sharp side and stomach pains and burning breasts?

this would be hard to say if you are pregnant or due to start your period. as these are often signs of both. however if you are pregnant the stomach pains should not cause you to much discomfort and you should contact your doctor.

How can you have your IUD removed if your doctor refuses to remove it?

Find another doctor

If you have strectch marks on your side and have noises in your stomach and hear a water like sound and jumping in the stomach could you be pregnant?

Yes, but it could also be that you have a tumor. See a doctor!