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Is your husband cheating if you discovered he has a secret email address?



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Men are scum, especially airplane pilots. They will cheat every chance they get, and they all have girlfriends on the side -- or women who WISH they were their girlfriends. God knows why. An honest person doesn't need more than two email addresses; one for messages and one for spam. Not all men are scum, but the above poster is correct in saying that a high percentage of airplane pilots can leave a girl in every country. Truckers, etc., can also be like this. I agree with the above poster that your husband SHOULD NOT have a secret email address. Time to start kicking some butt! I should know, I knew my husband's email address and I even had his password. I never saw anything unusual in his email but I had a suspicion of cheating. I found out he had another account that he only logged into while on the road or when I was asleep he used to carry on his emotional affair. I got ahold of these emails and divorced him. believe me, thanks to the secret email address I got more money than had I stayed with that overweight, lying, dishonest bastard. It was totally worth it. CASH IN, LADIES! Yes, why would he need a secret email? Something is going on that he doesnt want you to know. Believe me, I have an email that no one knows about for just the same thing.