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Is your husband cheating if you discovered he has a secret email address?

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Men are scum, especially airplane pilots. They will cheat every chance they get, and they all have girlfriends on the side -- or women who WISH they were their girlfriends. God knows why. An honest person doesn't need more than two email addresses; one for messages and one for spam. Not all men are scum, but the above poster is correct in saying that a high percentage of airplane pilots can leave a girl in every country. Truckers, etc., can also be like this. I agree with the above poster that your husband SHOULD NOT have a secret email address. Time to start kicking some butt! I should know, I knew my husband's email address and I even had his password. I never saw anything unusual in his email but I had a suspicion of cheating. I found out he had another account that he only logged into while on the road or when I was asleep he used to carry on his emotional affair. I got ahold of these emails and divorced him. believe me, thanks to the secret email address I got more money than had I stayed with that overweight, lying, dishonest bastard. It was totally worth it. CASH IN, LADIES! Yes, why would he need a secret email? Something is going on that he doesnt want you to know. Believe me, I have an email that no one knows about for just the same thing.

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Should you tell your friends husband that she is cheating?

If she is a true friend, you should not tell her husband that she is cheating. You should do everything you can to help her keep it a secret from her husband, including lying for her. Real friends are a rarity.

Is luke Bryan cheating on his wife?

yes, hes my secret husband hahaha ;D

What is the secret in hatchet?

The secret was that Brian's mom was cheating on her husband and going out with another man, whom she had kissed in the mall. you can read all of this on page 29-30.

What are three sentences for the word husband?

Her husband was very loyal.She met her husband at a friend's wedding. They were now husband and wife.

Will the husband leave when the wife finds out he has been cheating?

Not necessarily. Sometimes, the relationship is put into question, but the husband and wife are able to work it out because, finally, they are able (and forced) to talk about things out in the open rather than side step issues. Other times, the husband does decide to leave because since it is no longer a secret he is cheating, he feels he can come out and state he is leaving as well.

What does finding out your secret id do?

The secret ID is supposedly comprised of 5 undisplayed digits of your trainer ID (meaning the ID is 10 digits long) and is presumably meant as an anti-cheating measure. However, it's been discovered and is an important piece of data to figure out in order to use certain cheating methods.

Le secret qui cache mon mari?

literally 'the secret that hides my husband'.le secret que cache mon mari = 'the secret that my husband hides'.

What is the secret in the book hatchet?

his mom was cheating on his dad

How do you prove a boyfriend is cheating?

He will forget about you and he will keep it a secret.

What would you do with your cheating husband?

You can file a charge against him for cheating and divorce him. But first be sure that he is cheating on you.

If your husband keeps another woman secret is he cheating?

Yes He Is,Why Do U Think Shes Secret ? ANSWER: If your husband is keeping his friendship with another woman yes he is. If your husband doesn't have any reason to cheat, his friendship with her will be open and he will tell you about it. But he didn't, I think right now your husband is in stage of emotional affair with her. And this is the worst ever when it comes to infidelity. The man that I married was this way to, he wants her for himself. And the worst of it was their relationship start on emotional connection, and the rest was easy. And yes it was kept from me for a while..

Is it cheating to go to the movies with your girlfriends friend?

If you have to do it in secret, yes.

What was Martin Luther King Jr's email address?

Well... Martin Luther King had a secret email-address, that was accessable only by members of his church. Thankfully, after months and months of research and computer-hacking, I discovered this address.

What is a secret ID in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games like Pokemon diamond?

The secret ID is supposedly comprised of 5 undisplayeddigits of your trainer ID (meaning the ID is 10 digits long) and is presumably meant as an anti-cheating measure. However, it's been discovered and is an important piece of data to figure out in order to use certain cheating methods.

How do you make your husband confess of his cheating?

Installing a spyware remotely to access secret communication information on another phone without detection will require the help of a cyber expert . i have information which will help you greatly as it has also helped a lot of close friends

What is the secret to being successful in Neopets?

no only by cheating and getting banned

Husband met young girl at work emails secret?

* It's certainly not a secret any longer because you now know. However, unless there is romantic content in those emails he may just be friends with her and they may be discussing work related problems. Communication is the most important rule in any relationship and if you have found the contents of those emails to lean towards cheating then you should confront your husband and let him know you are aware of these emails and you are not putting up with his cheating. From there both of you will have to decide if you want to stay together or not.

How do you beat all the secret agent missions on club penguin?

Do your best to beat them :) trust your self,(if i tell you the answer it will be cheating :( and cheating is bad)

What actors and actresses appeared in Secret Lives of Husband and Wives - 1992?

The cast of Secret Lives of Husband and Wives - 1992 includes: Antonie Becker

Is cheating lying?

ANSWER: Absolutely, if a person is not cheating nor seeing another person, there's nothing to lie about. But cheating on your spouse and he or she doesn't know you are betraying your partner that will be lying because your keeping secret.

How do you get secret 3 and secret 4?

OK so here's the thing, Secret #3 and #4 have not yet been discovered

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You are on watch to ban anyone who is cheating and trash talking. You will also have to do secret mission that involve skill.

What year was the secret annex discovered?

Those hiding in the annex were discovered August 4, 1944.

What is Carly shay's secret?

She has a new boyfriend buthasn't told her old one and is cheating on him

Is he cheating if he is hiding secret texts to a girl?

Sounds more like he's texting.

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