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Q: It is illegal to lie down and fall asleep in a cheese factory?
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Is it illegal in Florida to lie down and fall asleep with your shoes on?

No, of course it isn't illegal. I mean who would even want to fall asleep with shoes on I think its just uncomfortable but you can do what you want

Why do I fall asleep when I sit down?

Why do I fall asleep when I sit down?

What are some weird laws?

In Europe, it is illegal to throw a pregnant woman at a hobo eating jerky In Miami, it is illegal for a man to wear any kind of strapless dress In Montana, it is a felony for a wife to open her husband's mail In New Jersey, it is illegal to frown at a police officer In Oklahoma, anyone found making an ugly face at a dog will be fined In South Carolina, all carriage horses must wear diapers In South Carolina, it is illegal to fall asleep in a cheese factory In Vermont, it is illegal to whistle underwater There are many more.. In San Francisco, it is illegal to walk down the street if you're ugly. In Arizona it is illegal to go camel hunting In North Dakota it is illegal to hide an elk in your sandbox In a town in I think Idaho, it is illegal for a man not to have a beard In Los Angeles it is illegal for a man to beat his wife with anything wider than his thumb.

Is it true that a doctor for a cheese making factory probably would know how lactic-aid bacteria breaks down lactose?

That sounds pretty correct to me.

Why do you fall asleep when you lay down?

You pretty much have to be tired to really just fall asleep just because your laying down.

Why do you fall asleep when feeling cold?

blood pressure rate slows down makeing you fall asleep

What does your foot fall asleep?

Your foot falls asleep when your not using it much.Your blood flow stops or slows down.

How do you grate cheese?

slide the cheese up and down on a food grater

How do you get the mouse in Poptropica?

You have to get the cheese from the library. In the library, go down and on the first rack, there is a scroll and you can click on it. Go down and get the cheese. Go to the rat and use the cheese.

Is it illegal to throw a rock down a hill in New Mexico?

no but it is illegal to throw it down at someone

Is it illegal to put down guinea pigs?

It is illegal to do it inhumanely.

How do you make a person fall asleep?

The easiest way to make a person fall asleep is to wear them down. You can do this by keeping them busy.

Is it illegal to cut down mangrove trees in NZ?

is it illegal to cut down mangroves in new zealand

How do you make your hand fall asleep fast?

when you lay you hand down for a long time your hand relaxes and it falls asleep l

What is slow heart beat?

when your asleep your heart beat slows down

How do you tone down chili?

If you add mozzarella cheese it can tone it down

If you fall asleep with a cigarette and burn your house down does the insurance cover it?

Cigarette burn your house down

Is it illegal to burn down houses?

Yes, it is illegal to burn down houses. The crime is called arson and it is a felony.

What is illegal logging?

cutting down trees where it has been made illegal to do so.

What happens when grated cheese is mixed with milk?

the cheese just sink down to the bottom of the milk .

How do people fall asleep?

People fall asleep by relaxing. A person should lay their body down and relax their muscles and mind. Some people use sleep aids to help them fall asleep.

When do puppies calm down?

When their tired, asleep, sedated, or if they are a particularly calm breed.

Do people eat bugs when they are asleep?

Yes many times when people are asleep they have their mouthes open. The bugs like warm moist climates and climb in. Then the fall down the esophagus into the stomach and the stomach breaks them down.

Is it illegal to melt down silver eagles?


Is cutting down trees illegal?

No it is legal