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Find out where you're leaking. Anything that causes the coolant to leak out is cause for concern. Fill the radiator. Leave the radiator cap off and start the engine. Watch for bubbles. If there are quite a few bubbles and the coolant wants to blow out even before the engine gets warm, you might have a head gasket problem.

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Q: Ive replaced the water pump the radiator the thermostat so why does your car still heat up you have to add more water every two days?
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Why is your 2000 ford focus still overheating you have replaced the water pump and thermostat and there is not a clog in radiator why is it still overheating?

Is your fan coming on?

If you have replaced a broken radiator and thermostat on your car and it is still overheating what could be the problem?

Inoperative radiator fans, bad water pump, failed headgasket?

Radiator just replaced on 94 Toyota Paseo temp still rises Is it the Thermostat?

It's very possible.

You replaced the thermostat in your 2001 Chevy venture but the van is still overheating the top radiator hose is hard and hot to the touch like the thermostat is not opening up please advise?

The top radiator hose is above the thermostat. If the top radiator hose is hot, the thermostat is opening. The thermostat is not the problem. Perhaps the radiator is clogged up or the water pump is bad. Look elsewhere.

Why is the engine still overheating after you have replaced the water pump radiator and thermostat?

Have flushed complete cooling system replaced water pump radiator thermostat clutch fan added 2gal straight anti freeze then filled to capacity with water and truck is still over heating. What else could possibly be wrong

If you have replaced the water pump thermostat and heater core and ran water through the radiator but it is still overheating Should you have the radiator pressure tested?

If you have replaced the water pump then flush the radiator with CLR also check to see if the fan is working properly.

My 1996 Chrysler LHS 3.5 is super overheating I replaced Water Pump Radiator thermostat pressure cap and still it gets hot what else can it be?

radiator fan, head gasket,

Why is your 1976 Dodge Dart Sport radiator foaming?

cooling system needs flushed out and a new thermostat installed, also if the radiator is still original it probably needs replaced or rodded out.

You have replaced cooling system radiatorthermostatwater pumpetc 85 cadillac deville still overheating?

Could be a collapsed lower radiator hose, perhaps a bad thermostat.

1997 cav 2.2 liter engine replaced water pump hoses thermostat and gaskets still overheats help?

did you check the radiator or the head gasket?

What is wrong when the heater in your 2005 Pontiac grand prix doesn't work thermostat been replaced radiator flushed still doesn't work?

you must be a wierdo.stupid.

You replaced the thermostat and radiator cap and its still hot?

first, make certain the thermostat is not installed backwards, if still hot then remove a radiator hose and see if coolant is discharged with pressure behind it(this checks the water pump); it is also a good idea to flush the cooling system; make sure there is not debris in front of the radiator; beyond all this you may just have to have a professional diagnose it

Why after I replaced the thermostat on my 1993 Toyota truck 4 cylinder does it still overheat and get hot?

first of all, do you have the right thermostat? ie: winter, summer. if so i would get the radiator checked, it may be getting pluged.

Replaced thermostat but cold air and still over heats?

Coolant at proper level? System air bound and needs to be purged? Water pump not circulating coolant? Defective thermostat? Collapsed radiator hose?

You have replaced the thermostat in a 1994 Mazda B3000 and the engine temp gauge still runs to the hot side Do you need to bleed air out of the coolant line?

flush the radiator

You'v replaced your thermostat and radiator on your 1983 cutlass and its still overheating what is causing it to still overheat could it be the water pump?

i would have replaced water pump long before replacing radiator. also check engine oil to see if it has engine coolant mixed in.if it has then the problem is more likely to be a bad head gasket

Why your 2000 jeep still overheating after changing radiator water pump fan clutch thermostat added50 50 coolant replaced spark plugs an coil bar still overheating?

possiable head gasket

How do you replace the thermostat located on a 1993 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder?

my 1993 Toyota Camry radiator had a hole in it it was overheating. I replaced the radiator. The car is still overheating where is the thermostat located. First, drain your coolant from the radiator. Find your lower radiator hose and follow it to the metal housing. This is the thermostat housing. Remove the 2 nuts with a 10mm wrench. Remove the thermostat and replace with new one and new gasket. Re-install and re-fill your radiator with new coolant. Drive the car with heater running. Allow the engine to cool and top off the radiator. Add coolant to the reservoir to halfway between Full and Low.

When you replaced the thermistat the gaige still goes all the way to hot?

It sounds like the thermostat was installed backwards, and is opening/closing based on temperatures from the radiator side and not the engine side.

If you just replaced your radiator and thermostat but your 2000 jeep grand Cherokee still overheats what could be the problem?

dose the electric fan run if not check the relay if it runs check the water pump

Radiator crack car overheating replaced radiator ran car for a week then the car overheated again should I replace the water pump what should I do?

I would suspect the thermostat is the culprit. Replace the thermostat. definately replace the thermostat, get a new gasket and all. Also, start the car cold and see if the inlet hose to the radiator warms up evenly. if it gets really hot on the engine side of the hose and is still cool by the radiator that means that there is no flow and either the thermo is installed wrong or something is clogged

1994 Chevrolet cavalier changed heater core and thermostat what next no heat?

im having the same problem with my 1994 I've replaced the heater core,thermostat,radiator,i checked the coolant, and it's not over heating or nothing and still no heat lol

What could be causing a car to overheat when driving but not while sitting idle The radiator cap and thermostat have all been replaced and you have no known system leaks But you still have a problem?

Clogged radiator, bad water pump, defective fan or fan thermal relay.

I have replaced the radiator and water pump in my 1994 Chevrolet pickup and am still having overheating problems.what can I do next?

== try changing the thermostat. Make sure system is not air bound Replace radiator cap Make sure hoses are not collapsing under pressure

1993 STS you have replaced just about everything including the motor the car still says engine is hot and then the coolant temp overheats what can be done to fix radiator hoses and thermostat are new?

Check the timing.