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Check your climate control switches, and vaccuum lines. If you have electronic climate control, you probably need to have it serviced. Quite often in Grand Am's 91-2002 have had minor problems with weak linkages within the housing and routing of the climate control rod's and lines.

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Q: Just blows air out of vents no heat or ac in a 1993 Pontiac grand am what could be wrong?
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When the heat hardly blows out of the vents on your 93 grand am when it is on full how do you fix it?

93 grand am... that's a Pontiac product. Burn it!

How do you remove the air vents in order to paint them on a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am GT?

To remove the air vents on a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am GT, a person will have to pry them out with a screwdriver. Apply gentle pressure between the vent and the dash.

How can you check to see if the vents work on a 1992 Pontiac Grand Am?

1 of many possiblitesWell depending on what you mean, you obviously can check for airflow the vents with your hand, Is your blower on and no air, if you can hear it but not feel it, could have a blend door issue. cant hear it, id check relays, could be a blower motor resistor block

Why won't air come out of the vents in the car on a 1997 Pontiac grand prix?

Check vacuum hoses and diaphrams under dash and at firewall

My 03 trailblazer blows heat out of the back vents when set on ac sometimes any clues what supplies heat for the back?

If your 03 Trailblazer blows heat out of the back vents when set on AC sometimes, it could be because of a faulty blower motor resistor block.

Why does your 2004 marquis air blows through defrost and floor vents and not through vents?

Grand Marquis are designed and wired so that the VAC door fails and will even cause engine not to start due to wires be connected together under dash.

1988 LX Accord AC blows out center vents but not two side vents blows at feet?

If you are refering to the vents near or on the door try toggling the switches near the steering wheel. One is marked L and the other R. You can move them up or down.

Why would hot air instead of cold air suddenly start blowing from the front vents on a 2000 Pontiac grand am?

maybe the a/c needs to be recharged with freon

What does the blower motor do?

it is the moter that spins the fan that blows your heat or ac out of your vents

When heater is on it blows cold on drivers side and hot on other side?

Your average A/C unit blows heat through all vents.

What causes cold air to come out of air vents when heater not on?

The heater may not be on - but the fan still blows air through the vents when they're open !

The Ac blows cold out of the rear vents but blows hot out of the front vents?

Usually is a vacuum problem. The vacuum works through the climate controls to make the vent doors open and close.

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