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Yes, it is Legal. The landlord or property owner is entitled to compensation for damages to his property. The law does not require that he use that compensation to repair his property. It is the property owners choice what he does with the money. He may decide to use his compensation to repair the property thereby restoring it to it's former state and value or he may decide to accept the decreased value and use his copensation to buy a different property or to invest it else where. In the Insurance Industry, This comes under the principle of Indemnity.

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Q: Landlord sued for damages knowing the ins money was in the escrow acct and he sold the house as is is this legal?
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Do I have grounds for terminating my rental lease early My landlord didn't disclose to us that the last 2 tenants committed suicide in the house. I would have never moved in knowing this information.?

You do have grounds to terminate your lease but you need to go through the legal steps to do so. If your landlord didn't disclose that the last 2 tenants committed suicide in the house, you have a right to move, due to emotional damages.

The rental property was sold while i was living there. the new landlord gave me 30 days notice to get out. i am currently out of the house. the previous landlord told me i have to pay him for damages.?

No, the new owner bought the property as is, with any damages. Since you were still a tenant when he bought it the new owner is the only one who might have an issue with damages.

Who pays when landlords boiler leaks and damages tenants carpets and property?

The landlord because it's his responsibility to fix it before the house and/or property is damaged.

How long after you leave a house can the landlord sew you?

Well, I don't see how anyone can be sewn: I guess it can happen if the right string is used for sewing. Are you talking about SUING? Can a Landlord SUE you after you leave the house? Well, the landlord cannot sue for eviction if you're already gone. If you have damaged the property the landlord can sue for damages, and normally within two years, but this varies by state. Check with the Clerk of Courts or Prothonotary.

How can you find out if a house is in escrow?

Call a title company

What does a landlord do when threatened to have a house condemned?

The landlord can correct the problems for which the house can be potentially condemned. But the landlord cannot evict the tenant just for saying that.

If I put my house up for rent, what kind of liability insurance do I need to buy before I let tenants occupy it?

There are landlord and owner liability insurances available. A good lease agreement and deposit for damages can also help you cover damages by tenants.

What can a landlord charge to move in a California house rental?

what can a landlord charge to move in a California house rental?

If you signed a lease and are not going to be moving in What am i liable for?

You would be liable for the cost of the rent and the fees in your lease for breaking the lease. Your landlord can also successfully sue you to recover damages to re advertise the place. Your landlord also has a duty to mitigate his damages, and to find a replacement tenant as quickly as possible. Unless you have a good cause to not move in; you will be stuck with these costs. A good cause would be unable to have quiet enjoyment of the house, anything structurally wrong with the house, or you can prove you will not be safe living in that house.

Can landlord sell house that is being rented?

A landlord can sell a house that is being rented. The landlord is just required to give the tenant notice before showing the house and notice before a closing date

Do you still have to pay your landlord if house is for sale?

If your landlord is selling the house you have to continue paying the rent for it, whether to the old landlord or to the new one. Your old landlord will give you notice about when they have sold the property, and the new landlord will give you instructions on how to pay them the rent.

Which house is considered to be the the lower house of congress?


Can a landlord put a lien on your house?

If you have a landlord then you don't own the house. A lien on a house would be against the owner of the property. The landlord owns the house and they wouldn't place a lien on their own property.If you owe a debt to a landlord they can file an eviction in the housing court and file a lawsuit against you for the money you owe.

Can you take your landlord to court for putting you out?

It depends on the circumstances. If the landlord illegally evicted you, yes, you're entitled to damages as a result of a breach of lease and law. A landlord is required to give notice of lease terminate based on how often you pay rent or as specified in your lease agreement. If you pay rent every month, the landlord is required to give one months notice. If the landlord physically removed your possessions without a court ordered eviction or cause, he's responsible for not only the illegal eviction but the cost of the damages to property sustained in an illegal eviction. In many jurisdictions, you're also entitled to your full security deposit back as a result of a lease breach. However, if your landlord legally and lawfully evicted you, you do not have cause of action unless the landlord fails to return your security deposit. Remember, the landlord is entitled to inspect the unit for any damages and you are allowed by law to be present and given notification as to when the inspection will take place. You also have the right to refute in court any damages in which the landlord claims you caused. In most situations where a tenant has lived in a house, apartment, or room for 10 years or more, significant wear and tare is factored in.

Who is responsiblefor the lien when a house gets sold the buyer or the seller?

The lien is on the house. That's one of the reasons it goes through escrow, to find out if there are any outstanding liens on it. If there are outstanding liens on the house that are discovered in escrow, the buyer can make the seller pay the liens or stop the sale of the house, but if they are not found, the lien still exists and the buyer has to pay them after the house is in their name. Escrow is a good thing although it is time consuming and costly.

What is the ballad of the landlord about?

what the ballad of the landlord is about a black tenant who lives in a shabby house and refuses to pay the landlord rent because the landlord wont fix the house up. the landlord calls the cops and the tenant is thrown in jail. the headlines makes it seem the renters fault but its really isnt.

Why would a lender pay the homeowner insurance?

Actually, the home owner pays the home owner's insurance. The lender has an escrow account. This is in additional to the payment of interest and repayment of principal. The escrow account pays the taxes and insurance. The escrow account pays the taxes so the government does not seize the property. The homeowners insurance pays in case the house burns down. So, you pay into the escrow account, and if your house burns down, the lender gets the insurance money. You would not pay a mortgage on a burned down house and the bank knows that, so they have you pay into the escrow account and they pay for the insurance.

Can a landlord collct rent if the landlord is losing the house due to foreclosure?

The tenant owes the rent to the landlord up the day of a foreclosure sale.

Can my landlord evict me if he no longer owns the house?

If he no longer owns the house, he isn't the landlord. This is, of course, unless he is hired by the owner to manage the home and its residents.

After your landlord puts your house up for sale how long do you have to vacate?

depends on what you agreed with the landlord, there is no set time

What does a landlord owe a tenant?

that the Landlord will follow the law. if the tenant leaves the house in good condition, the landlord must refund the entire amount of security deposit.

Can a house be sold that a mortgage company put a lien on?

Yes, This lienholders are paid during escrow.

If you rent from one landlord then he sells the house and you get a new landlord does the old landlord have to give you your security deposit back?

No. In the estoppel that your old landlord signs to the new landlord the security deposit is turned over to the new landlord, who keeps the deposit where it is now, or tells you where your deposit will be located.

Who rents a room or a house to another called?


Can a Michigan landlord rent a house to his daughter?

Of course.