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Q: Legal baby sitting age?
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Is their a legall age for babysitting?

No there is no legal age for baby sitting

What is the legal age of babysitting in London?

I would assume the legal age for baby sitting in England would be 13 because the legal age to leave your child home alone is 13.

What age can your ten year old babysit your seven year old?

14 is the legal age for baby sitting. x

What is the legal minimum age for a babysitter in the state of Ohio?

The age normally is around 12 for baby sitting so 12...

What are good jobs to do at age 15?

baby sitting

What is the legal age to have a baby in Australia?

The age to have a baby in Australia is 18.and thats the correct age.

Average age of sitting alone for a baby?

liek 12 >.>

What is the legal age of babysitter in South Carolina?

what is the legal age for baby sitters in South Carolina?

What is the legal age to have a baby?

There is no legal age to have a baby, if you are old enough to get pregnant, you can have a baby. However, since intercourse is practically the only method, the legal age for consensual sexual relations is the controlling criteria. It is not illegal to have a baby, but it could very well have been illegal to have had sex with the mother.

Can your 13 yr old son babysit your eleven and seven year old in TN?

The legal age of baby-sitting in TN is 12 for 3-4 hours.

How do you get money at 13 years old in Egypt?

People under the minimum legal working age can still make money. They can do things like dog walking, pet care, house sitting, baby sitting, and house cleaning.

How do you get a baby sitting job?

ok I took a baby sitting course and first their is no legal age to babysit it depends on your maturedy. 2nd never babysit for a stranger.3rd do NOT put up adds. 4th ask your ant uncle family friend ect. Hope that helps! bye

What legal age do you have to be to move out with a baby in TN?

You have to be an adult, which is age 18.

Baby sitting age?

The proper age is at least 11 or 12 and above it depends what age the parents won't.

What is legal age for child sitting in front seat of car in Queensland?


Is it legal to have a baby at the age of 14 in the state of ME?

It's not a matter of is it legal to HAVE it. The question is - is it legal to conceive it - and the answer is. no. The age of consent in Maine is 16 years.

What is the legal age for a child in the state of Florida to care for another child?

Like the majority of states, Arkansas does not legislate this area. One of the states that has indicates that if they have had the Red Cross Baby Sitting course that they can babysit at age 12.

Is it legal to have a baby at the age 13?

you can have a baby at any age but its best to wait to your are stable as a person to start engaging in baby making activity so you dont have a baby

What is the legal age to see a baby being born?

With parents permission, any age.

What age is it legal to have a baby in the UK?

I think its 18 years and over.

Can you have a baby at 15 in New Zealand?

No. The legal age for intercourse is 16

How old do you have to be to leave your parents house if you have a baby?

If you're in the US, the age is 18, which is the age at which you become a legal adult. Having a baby doesn't change that.

What is the legal age in WI to baby set siblings?

27 yrs old

What is the legal age for a child to sit in the front seat of a car in British Columbia?

"There is no age restriction for sitting in the front seat in BC traffic law."

How old can a girl move out of parents when she has a baby in maine?

You have to be of legal age just like before you had a baby. Having a baby makes no difference.