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List examples of human impact on the reef?

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Humans do numerous things that threaten the vivacity and basic survival of the reefs. For one, deforestation. Deforestation near coral reefs adds a lot of sediment to the ocean which either blocks out sunlight and kills the photosynthetic zooxanthellae in the coral or raises the water temperature, changes pH, etc (because coral is so small it has a very specific range of tolerance). Another is pollution from agriculture an industry. Runoff can encourage eutrophication (an algal bloom which lowers dissolved oxygen and increases the biological oxygen demand--in other words, causes other organisms not to get enough oxygen) which blocks sunlight and creates competition for dissolved oxygen in the water which kills off many corals. Something interesting I found when researching for my IB Environmental class project on coral bleaching was that human Skin Care products (such as sunscreen) that wash off into the ocean cause coral bleaching by chaging the pH and temp. of the water. Here's a quote from an article I found: “Research shows that chemicals in sunscreens can accumulate in aquatic animals, have an oestrogen-like effect and biodegrade into toxic by-products. The researchers investigated the effects on coral of adding controlled amounts of three brands of sunscreen to the surrounding seawater. The research was carried out at locations in Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand and Egypt, representing a range of ecosystems. Even when sunscreen was added in low quantities, large amounts of coral mucous, composed of algae and coral particles, was released within 18-48 hours. Within 96 hours, complete bleaching of corals had occurred” (European Commission, Environment DG). Global warming (if you believe that humans augment its impact) can be considered a human impact on the reefs, too. As I said, the corals are so small that their range of tolerance is extremely limited--raising the temperature of the waters at all is detrimental to their health. Overall it's our mindset and collective way of life, not only individual examples. These are only few--you can find myriad others, but these are main contributors.

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They would do if they occurred near a coral reef.

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In general, corals, anemone's, starfish, snails, reef fish.

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A coral reef is actually built from the dead skeletons of previously living coral polyps. Only the coral polyps on the surface of the reef is alive.

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There are numerous groups making an effort to help conserve the Great Barrier Reef.The Species Conservation Unit monitors certain vertebrate species in the Great Barrier reef and provide specialised advice to minimise human impact and its associated risks on Protected Species.Naming and recognition of the Great Barrier Reef in 1981 as a World Heritage Area helps raise public awareness of the need to conserve the reef, as well as enabling laws which specifically help protect the Reef.The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority works in assocaition with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Traditional Owner groups to understand how they have managed to conserve the reef yet utilise its resources with minimal impact. Together, these two groups develop and maintain Sea Country Partnerships which will help sustain and conserve the reef.Australia is one of the countries of the world implementing a Biodiversity Action Plan which helps to protect the Great Barrier Reef.There are regions along the coast near the Great Barrier Reef where use of chemical and pesticides by farmers is being closely monitored, in light of revelations that the chemicals are damaging the ecosystem of the Reef.

When was the Great Barrier Reef heritage listed?

The Great Barrier Reef was placed on the World Heritage List in 1981.It was one of 15 World Heritage Listed regions that was added to the National Heritage List on 21 May 2007.

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Topsoil that washes onto a coral reef as a result of human interaction makes the water cloudier, reducing photosynthesis.

What happened between the time of formation and the present day in the Great Barrier Reef?

Up until major human development in the last 300 years, the reef grew both laterally and vertically from almost nothing in the last 1 million years. Human development has caused a shrinking of the reef due to pollution.

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It is important for us to be recognize

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The Daintree Rainforest has two world heritages, the wet tropics of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. The wet tropics were added to the World Heritage list in 1988. The Great Barrier Reef was added to the list in 1981.