Long Distance Visitation-What is a Standard Long Distance Visitation Order as regards custody and visitation between a separated parent and the children?

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There is no standard since families are not "standard". Visitation schedules must be arranged by the parents. If that is not possible then the court will arrange a schedule and the parties must follow it. Each party should consult with an attorney who specializes in family law. Their professional advice in arriving at long distance visitation schedules can be very helpful.
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Can long distance relationships work if only one person is able to make the visits?

Well, I've had two lond distance relationships before and I'm in one now... The first relationship i was in, that guy was 4 hours away, and i would make the trips up to him cause he would have to work...the only thing i didn't like was that i was spending all the money on gas, it was about $45 a wee ( Full Answer )

What is the procedure for visitation when there is not a custodial order?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nWhen custodial rights and/or visitation has not been legally established, the decision belongs to the parent who has primary physical custody of the child.\n. \nIf the couple are not married, the mother retains the legal right to make all decisions regarding the child (ex ( Full Answer )

What do you do if the custodial parent is not obeying the court order for visitation?

Answer . In some states the parent can contact the department of family and children's services to help enforce the visitation order in most states he or she will need to return to court and request the order be enforced.. The custodial parent who denies visitation when there is a court order in ( Full Answer )

Is a Custodial parent required to provide clothing for the children during the non custodial parents visitation if child support is being paid?

get over it. . First off why is child support an issue? Why wouldn't you have at least one or two outfits on hand for these situations. What if your child had an"accident" and needed clean clothes? These are perfect reasons why a lot of children suffer after divorce. Nit picky issues. Parents sho ( Full Answer )

If a 16 yr old living with a primary custodial parent does not want to visit the noncustodial parent who has joint custody can the noncustodial parent force the 16 yr old into a week long visit in IN?

hello. I am going through the same thing, my son is 16 years old and doesnt want to visit his dad because of his inconsistency of being involved in his life his father has just filed for visitation rights and I dont know whats going to happen. I hope the court listens to my sons wishes, even if he ( Full Answer )

Does a custodial parent have the right to keep switching court order visits?

absolutely not. a court order is a court order. if your ex maintains that it is their right as the custodial parent to make these changes at their whim, they are only attempting to convince you that they know more about that arrangement than you do. if the court ordered visits are impairing your amo ( Full Answer )

Things to do for your boyfriend when he's visiting long distance relationship?

OK, a few suggestions, . 1. Don't mention other boys. 2. Send him some sexy photos of yourself, buy a webcam. 3. Tell him that you're using the time to get super-fit and toned for when he comes back. that'd keep me happy. A different take on it: . Huh, I took the question to be how to ente ( Full Answer )

Visitation Order-What is a good example of a Standard Visitation order?

STANDARD VISITATION ORDER IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED that the custodial parent(s) and the non-custodial parent(s) shall be bound by the following terms and provisions, and the non-custodial parent(s) shall have possession of the child(ren) as follows: (a) Definitions. In ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a parent asks for free will regarding visiting right with children?

In 20 years of working with fathers, the mothers can be very restrictive in what they believe the father should be allowed to do with the children during a visitation. Frequently, a father will have a camping trip, or some other trip planned for an extended visitation, but at the last minute she won ( Full Answer )

Is the non-custodial parent required to visit the children?

No. The court cannot make a parent spend time with their children. Visitation orders are only enforced on the custodial parent. If the non-custodial parent doesn't follow the visitation order the courts cannot force them to.

Is the custodial parent jeopardizing custody if he or she doesn't abide by the court ordered visitation schedule?

I would say it depends on the circumstances as to why custodianship was granted. I would say there's no harm, in for instance, a parent dropping off something for a child, or just briefly attending one's residence for something. As long as it doesn't jeopardize the child in any way. . ANSWER Yes ( Full Answer )

What can you do when the custodial parent interferes with visitation?

Having practiced custody litigation for 30 years, I can tell you that the most important thing to do is to " Take Immediate Action ." Don't wait. As parental alienation worsens, your relationship with your children may never recover. So Act Fast and Effectively. . Document every instance of vis ( Full Answer )

How long after the child visitation process should somebody apply for shared custody?

You want to develop your evidence showing a pattern of regular contact with the children before considering this move. The more you do on your own, the less you will be paying an attorney to do. If you move too soon, you could face resistance to seeing your children. At the minimum, wait three mo ( Full Answer )

Are you fine traveling a long distance to visit your favorite mall?

Shopping is our purpose in life. It is empowering. We should be grateful that we have been house-trained for decades to obey all subtle and not-so subtle marketing hype. Distance is of no obstacle nowadays. And for the pursuit of perfection, we must reach for the best products in all continents. If ( Full Answer )

The custodial parent leaves the child for long periods of time with the non custodial parent making only very short infrequent visits. What can the non-custodial parent do?

The non-custodial parent should file for a modification of the custody order to become the custodial parent. If they have physical custody most of the time they also need to have legal authority over the child. They should visit the family court with jurisdiction over the case and ask to speak to an ( Full Answer )

Can you force a non-custodial parent s visitations with his children?

No. There is no way to force visitations on an unwilling, absent parent. No. There is no way to force visitations on an unwilling, absent parent. No. There is no way to force visitations on an unwilling, absent parent. No. There is no way to force visitations on an unwilling, absent parent.

Can a non-custodial parent lose visitation rights if they continually miss their court ordered visitation?

Merely because the non-custodial parent is unable to attend the court ordered visitation, it does not mean that he or she will automatically loose his or her visitation rights. If the non-custodial parent is unable to attend the court ordered visitation, the non-custodial parent can request the cour ( Full Answer )

Can custodial parent stop non custodial parent from getting children on court ordered weekend visits?

Absolutely not. The custodial parent is obligated by law to obey the visitation order. If they don't the non-custodial should return to court and file a motion for contempt of a court order. Repeated violations may result in the custodial parent losing custody. Absolutely not. The custodial parent ( Full Answer )

Does the custodial parent have the right to with hold visitation?

Not if court ordered visitation is in place. Only the court can make modifications to such if cooperation from both parents cannot be obtained. A parent in violation of a court order is in contempt of court and the non-custodial parent may file an action against them in court based on the same.

How can a parent get full legal custody if there are no existing custody or visitation orders?

If a child has lived with one parent their entire life, with no custody or visitation arrangements, it is assumed the mother has sole custody. Generally, until the father establishes his paternity in court, the mother has sole control over the child. Generally, if the parents are unmarried the mot ( Full Answer )

How can custodial parent stop visitation rights?

By going to the court of jurisdiction and filing for modification/revocation of the original custody agreement. All states have guidelines or laws governing if and how such modifications/revocations are made. You need to contact an attorney with a specialty in family law in your state of residence f ( Full Answer )

Can a custodial parent obtain a restraining order against the non custodial parent for not returning the child on a visit?

The first step is to file a motion for contempt of a court order. If the contempt continues the non custodial parent may lose visitation rights. A restraining order is not appropriate in the circumstances. You should visit the court and ask to speak with an advocate or consult with a private attorne ( Full Answer )

Do prisoners have the right to demand custodial parent to bring the children to visit?

No. But they do have the right to request a court order to that affect. If the court orders such visits the court order must be obeyed. No. But they do have the right to request a court order to that affect. If the court orders such visits the court order must be obeyed. No. But they do have the r ( Full Answer )

Can the non-custodial parent not visit the child?

Most commonly, the non-custodial parent has visitation rights,which may be spelled out in detail in the divorce decree orsubsequent legal proceedings. However, it's ultimately up to thejudge to determine the visitation rights.