Looking after kittens?

Heres what you do,

First you pick it up take it home if it doesn't have many teeth, fix him/her a box with covers not alot maby 1 baby blanket. have mom/dad watch him/her & ask for 35$ go to a store in walking distans go in & ask a worker "Were can i find stuff for kittens?" if they don't have any thing i suggst got a Kroger store or a wal mart. aks a worker "Were can i find stuff for kittens?" they will have somthing most likely. go get 5 cans kitten milk. get a cat bed & kitten food worming medicain, a bottle for kittens (if theres eyes aren't open) go back home get a small bowl poor a little bit of milk in it, warm it up obout 1 minet in the micro wave. let it cool for a few seconts then put your finger in it if its kinda hot let it cool longer once its cool go to were the kitten is get any other animals out of the room put the kitten ona bed or somthing soft somthing they won't fall off of put the bowl of milk in front of him/her if they don't drink it on there own dip a clean finger in it & touch his or her mouth if they drink it that's good to try again with the bowl if they don't take the milk I suggest take the kitten to a vet. & get help But if they do drink the milk. feed him or her warm milk every hour or more. after about 2 to 3 weeks try to see if they will eat the soft ktten food if they do eat it start giving them milk & kitten food. then ask your parents for 20$ go to a local store go to were the cats stuff isget a small litter box & kitty litter plus get more kitten food &a few different toys. once your home fix up the litter box for then kitten let him or her get in itthen show the kitten the toys, feed him or her put out a bowl of milk then get out the wormer stuff get your mom or dad to help you measure the right amount of wormer stuff poor it in the bowl if milk then give it to then kitten. now that yours kittens a little older try to adoupt a kitten that is the same sex & about same age then once they get big teeth start then on cat foood