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Looking for infor a marlin glenfield 65?


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what is a model 65 golden 50 worth

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where is the "best priced" shop to purchase the loading tube for the golden 50 glenfield 65 22 l.r. by Marlin Firearms?

Start with GunPartsCorp of West Hurley, NY and then try going to Marlin.

Marlin made a Golden 39A .22 lever rifle from 1954 to 1963 (serial prefix L through W). The Marlin model 50 was a semi-auto 12 ga. shotgun. If you have a .22 rifle marked "Golden 50," it isn't a Marlin. I have a Golden 50 Glenfield Mod. 65 from the Marlin Firearms company built in 1970.

Your Marlin model 81DL was a promotional model that was made by Marlin from 1940-1965.These range in price from 65-100 dollars.

Glenfield Model 65 - manufactured in 1968; it was essentially identical to the Model 60 with the exception of a brass exterior magazine tube; it was made for Oklahoma Tire & Supply Co. as for the value: poor cond. 70$ fair: 100-125$ good-very good 130-160$ i just picked one up for 80 and saw a nice one at a pawn shop for 139.00

That rifle was made for Sears by Marlin and is basically the same as the Marlin Model 81. Used stocks for the Marlin can be used, or new unfinished stocks can be had for around $65.

Looking for the same answer for a 65 1500. Looking for the same answer for a 65 1500.

The Marlin model 81DL was a promotional model repeater that was made from 1940-1965.The price range for this model was from 65-110 dollars.

Your Marlin model 25M which was made from 1989-2003 will bring between 65-105 dollars depending on overall condition and a good bore.

I saw that rifle at Welston Pawn in Warner Robins today 30June2008 for $159.

My records indicate that the Marlin model 81DL was a promotional model that was made from 1940-1965.The value of these rifles is between 65-100 dollars.

i have one but it takes a 10 round mag from a marlin model 80 22. so I'm assuming that's what the gun is. the bolts look very similar as well. hope that helps you out. It looks like it may be a Marlin model 65 It looks like it may be a Marlin model 65

To see the Used Value (Blue Book Value) of your gun you can go to All Glenfield firearms are really Marlins, so look for a manual for a Marlin 75. Value will not be much, I'd guess $100-$150 retail. Blue Book cross-references to Marlin 989M1, but the M1 isn't in the listings, but the basic 989 production started in 1962 and 989M2 in 1966, so it's in that range. Of about 25 .22 Marlins listed, only 4 have a price range other than $65-$135, and they're not far off. I had a model 75 marlin glenfield I bought at Sears in the early 70's. It is a 10 shot semi auto similar to the model 60 but does not hold as many rounds. I paid around $70 for rifle and 4x scope. I live in a saltwater environment and this was a very dependeble and suprisingly accurate rifle for the price. It is LR shells only.

The marlin model 81C which was made from 1940-1970 is valued at between 65-110 dollars,depending on the overall condition of your rifle,and a good bore.

Your marlin model 25 MN was made from 1989-2003.The value of these bolt action .22 mag rifles are between 65-185 dollars.

65-100 dollars,depending on overall condition,and a good bore.

Between 65-100 dollars on today,s market.

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Ranger 34 was a model of the Marlin Model 65/65A marketed by Sears. Marlin made this firearm from 1935 to 1937 and it has a value of $100 if in pristine condition: Standard Catalog of Firearms: However the Gun Traders Guide shows a 65/65E that was in production from 1932 to 1938.

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