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Check with your local housing authority there. They usually will have a list of properties available for rent from landlord to take section 8 vouchers. If you're looking for public housing, still you need to check with the local housing authority.

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Q: Looking for section 8 housing in Baltimore City?
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im looking for low income housing for seniors in johnson city,tn.?

One of the ways to find affordable housing for senior citizens is the contact the Johnson City Housing Authority at There is a link at the bottom of the site for section 8 housing where your rent is based on your income.

Where do I go in Birmingham Alabama for section 8 housing?

I am sure there is a housing authority in your area. Check with the city or county.

What cities have section 8 available?

Almost every city in the United States has some sort of Section 8 housing. You can get details on Section 8 housing in your area from the Department of Human Services.

Where can one find information on Section 8 houses for rent in Oklahoma City?

The Oklahoma City Housing Authority has an official website that has a tab just for Section 8 Housing. Under the tab there is a long list of everything about Section 8, including a list of rentals.

Where is the local Section 8 housing authority?

There is usually one in every city, sometimes the county may administer it. What state and city are you in?

How do you get your house rented through section eight?

What you want to do is call the local "housing authority" every city has one. You want section 8, section 7o7, and vendor payment.

Where can I apply a section 8 application?

This depends upon your city and state. A full listing of places to apply for section 8 housing is available at

Where does one locate section 8 housing for rent in Milwaukee WI?

To check into low income housing known as Section 8 housing, Milwaukee residents would go through the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee. There is a site on the web and also a location on 5011 W. Lisbon Avenue in Milwaukee.


By looking to the AD's, this should start you off without a problem. Just enter some information and your living area address preferences.

Is Baltimore city in Baltimore county?

No. Baltimore City is a separate political entity from Baltimore County. Baltimore City is an independent city governed by a Mayor & a City Council. It extends only as far as the city limits. Baltimore County, which surrounds Baltimore City on all sides, is governed by a County Executive & a County Council. The County seat is in Towson, an affluent suburb directly north of Baltimore City.

Is Baltimore a state or city?

Baltimore is a city in Maryland, not a state.

How do I learn about the Housing Authority?

Section 8 website has information on the housing authority and links to show you how to apply. You can get more detailed information from the links listed for each city.

What is the section 8 housing policy for fostercare children in new york city?

The section 8 program, including the voucher and public housing programs, have nothing to do with foster care children. And foster parents normally do not qualify for such programs, but to be sure you will need to check with your local housing authority.

Do residents of Baltimore county vote for mayor of Baltimore city?

No. Baltimore City is an independent city. Baltimore County residents vote for their own county executive.

What county is Baltimore city in?

Baltimore city separated from its county in 1851 and is an independent city.

What is Baltimore's largest city?

Baltimore is a city in the state of Maryland, so it can not have a "largest city".

What US state is Baltimore the capital city?

Baltimore is not the capital city of any state. Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland but Annapolis is the Capital City

Where can I get a list of Section 8 Housing in Fresno, California?

The City Housing Authorities should have a list. Contact them at 1331 Fulton Mall, Fresno, CA‎ - (559) 443-8400

How does the government lessen the problem of housing in cities?

The government lessens the problem of housing by providing section 8 homes and paying a part of lower income housing. They will also provide loans that help make housing easier to obtain in the city or elsewhere.

Is Baltimore city also Baltimore county?


What is the Baltimore City Government?

The Baltimore city government is basically just the government of Baltimore, Maryland. The city government usually consists of city councilors and the mayor.

What if the section 8 office doesn't have any applications?

Section 8 is city-based and there may be county based subsidized housing in your area. Call around and check local apartments, they may offer subsidized housing as well as the salvation army.

Are convicted drug felons eligible for section 8 housing in the city of Pittsburgh pa?

Yes...if you are a convicted felon and reside in Pittsburgh PA, and your felony record is greater than 5 years old, you are eligible to apply for Section 8 housing.

Is Baltimore the capital of Philadelphia?

Baltimore is a city in Maryland. Philadelphia is a city in Pennsylvania.

Baltimore is the capital of?

Baltimore is not the capital city of Maryland, but rather the largest city.