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just look on line you can get one for like .84 cent

Or you can go here ->

It's for 93 model, but It may be close. The Paseo is page 9 and page 10a.

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โˆ™ 2007-08-19 23:21:07
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Q: Looking for vacuum diagram of 92 Toyota Paseo?
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A diagram of 94 Toyota paseo?

where is the flasher located on a 1992 toyota paseo

When was Toyota Paseo created?

Toyota Paseo was created in 1991.

How do you replace brake shoes Toyota Paseo?

I need timing mark for Toyota paseo

Which lamps used Toyota paseo?

a 1997 Toyota paseo i forget to tell...H4?

Where can you find a fuse box diagram for a 1993 Toyota Paseo?

When changing fuses it is important to have a diagram to help change the right fuse. The fuse box diagram for this car can be found in the owners manual.

Pictures of 1992 Toyota Paseo?

log onto Google, click on images, type in 1992 Toyota paseo.

Does 1996 Toyota Paseo have rear shocks?

it's like saying, does 1996 Toyota Paseo have rear wheels.....

Where can you find a diagram for a 1992 Toyota Paseo motor?

Paseo kept the same enging OH YEAH awsome engine at that. Here is a diagram for a 1994, but like i said, its basically all the same. Heres the link to it all.

Plug gap for 92 Toyota Paseo?

The proper gap for your Paseo is .043

How do you change the heater blower motor on a 1993 Toyota Paseo?

como remplasar blower ac heater paseo 1993 toyota

Does a 1993 Toyota Paseo use R12?

93 paseo does use R-12.

Does Toyota Paseo exterior door handle fits to Toyota starlet?

No, Paseo door handle don't fits to Starlet. it's same handle but door system is different. I've a Paseo.

How do you replace the flasher on a Toyota Paseo?

My only knowledge is that the tercel may have exchangeable parts with the Paseo.

Firing Order for a Toyota Paseo?


What engines will fit a 1993 Toyota Paseo?

the Toyota mr2 engine is said to fit but i have to try it out myself first i just bought a 92 paseo

Is your clutch going bad in your 1995 Toyota Paseo I have replaced master clutch cylinder and slave cylinder?

Does my 1995 Toyota Paseo have a clutch cable

What kind of oil for a 1992 Toyota Paseo?

I have a 1992 Toyota Paseo and I use 5W-30 engine oil in it. Always have and that's what the owners manual recommends.

Where can you find a diagram for the brake lines for a 92 paseo?

The brake system is important to keep maintained. A diagram for the brake lines in a 1992 Paseo can be found in the cars manual for maintenance.

Is a 95 Toyota Paseo 1.5L an interference motor?


Where are the timing marks on a 1992 Toyota Paseo 16 efi 1.5 liter engine?

Where are the timing marks on a 1992 Toyota Paseo 16 efi 1.5 liter engine?

Is there a fuel turn off switch on the 1994 Toyota Paseo?

Yes, there is a fuel turn off switch on a 1994 Toyota Paseo. The switch can be purchased for approximatelyÊ$60.Ê

What is the price for an engine for a Toyota paseo?

I found a used Toyota Paseo engine from Enginesrus for $750 delivered to a business address. It arrived and looks great. We are in the middle of replacing it now.

Will 1992 Toyota Tercel motor fit in a 1993 Toyota Paseo?

it should they r the same

Tire size for 1993 Toyota Paseo?


What is the capacity of transmission fluid for your 1992 Toyota Paseo?

Manual transmission = 2.5 u.s. qts. Auto transmission = 3.3 u.s. qts. source = 1992 Toyota Paseo repair manual