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Ford and Dodge both build a great truck. I recomend a manual transmission in either make it is better exersize and more reliable than an automatic, especialy when towing or with prefomance upgrades. A dodge is my pick because of the engine, the cummins is incredible. It is the most efficient (18-21mpg), most reliable, the best starting and has the most after market parts available usually cheeper than for other trucks. The inline 6 in the dodge has about 30% less moving parts than a V8 and the parts are bigger and stronger for better longjevity. The 02 dodge 4x4 has a less than desirable front end, loose stering and uncontrolable shaking that can cost anywhere from $200 - $2000 to fix. In 03 they changed the body and thankfuly the front end.

Fords Have the 7.3 power stroke in the 02 & 03s. It is a much better engine than the 6.0 they use now. Fords are worth more than the dodge they get around 16-18mpg and run at a higher RPM. The stock fords will out run the cummins but are limmited on what you can do to get more.

Maybe a ford guy can ad to this so it is not so one sided.

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Q: Looking to buy a 2002-2003 year diesel truck have never owned one whats the best what is truly better ford or dodge manual or auto what type of fuel milage do they get any info would be very helpful?
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