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I have had the same problem on two ocassions. Your compressor is going bad. After having the compressor replaced (twice), everything was fine. Once it finally levels, turn the suspension off using the switch in the left side of the trunk. Wait awhile. If it drops again, the front bag(s) are leaking. Else the compressor is too worn out to lift properly within the 90 second time limit and the computer is cutting out to "protect" it; will need replacement as is not user serviceable. They go for around $160-$180 (4/2007). Suspect your bags as well, cause if they're leaking, that will cause the new compressor to overwork and fail again.

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96lincoln continental front suspension drops down will re-inflate after restart of engine?

Your front air suspension bag has a leak in it.

96lincoln continental front suspension drops down it will re-inflate after restart of engine?

Your air suspension bag has a leak.

Where is the air suspension compressor located on a 1998 Lincoln navigator?

The compressor is located on the front passenger side of the engine compartment just in front of the battery. (man, have we had problems with the whole suspension system!)

Where is the suspension pump on a Lincoln navigator?

It is in the right front corner of the engine compartment (passenger side)

Why does your 96 Lincoln Continental front end suspension drops after a few miles then re-enflates after restart engine?

You have a leak in your air suspension.

How do you know when your front suspension goes out?

how do you no when you front air suspension go

What is the main difference between front and rear suspension on vehicle?

The front suspension is steerable.

Parts of a motorcycle?

Frame,Suspension, Frontfork,Engine, Transmission, Wheels, Tires,brakes, battery,etc.

What are the names on the front end suspension of a 1994 ford ranger xlt?

To the best of my knowledge this truck uses the front suspension called "Ford twin I-beam front suspension."

Does 1997 expedition have front air suspension?

On a 1997 Ford Expedition : ( NO ) not on the front suspension It could have the REAR load levelling air suspension

Is the front suspension in 6cyl a bodies the same as in the v8 a bodies?

All but the springs. The springs match the weight of the engine and accessories.

Front Suspension diagram for 1995 jeep Cherokee?

how do I take apart the front suspension for the jounce bumper

Where is the cover over the front suspension strut?

The front suspension is essential to remove friction between the tires of a vehicle and the road. The cover over the front suspension strut is found covering the shock retaining nut.

Show the suspension front end of a car?

name and show all the parts of a car`s front-end suspension

What is needed to be done to switch from a Chevy 250 L6 Engine to a Chevy 350 V8 Engine?

it depends on what year the motors are you will have to change motor mounts .exhaust maybe front suspension

Can you replace a 1976 corvette oil pan without pulling the motor out?

Yes, the crossmember for suspension is in front of the engine. Very easy job.

What does it cost to Repair front suspension?

== ==

Where is the oil filter on a 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada?

It is located on the passenger side of the engine, near the front of the engine. Above the lower control arm. I had to reach around the suspension with one arm and up through the suspension with the other to get it off. Also it takes 7 quarts of Oil..

How do you tell 1971 super bettle from bettle?

If you look at the front suspension of any beetle you can tell if it is a super or non-super beetle. If there is a McPherson front suspension then it is a super beetle. If there is a torsion bar front suspension then it is a non-super beetle.

Does a 98 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer LT have independent front suspension or a solid front axle?

My 93 s10 Blazer has torsion bar suspension and I suspect yours does too, which would make it independent front suspension.

Does a s10 pickup have a solid front axle?

No, it has independent suspension in front.

What are the advantages of independent front suspension?

The advantages of independent front suspension is a smoother ride, better handling, and better road holding ability.

How do you replace the alternator on a 1987 Honda Civic LX?

from underneath the vehicle u have to remove some suspension parts and parts of the front cover of the engine

How do you remove engine craddle from 1986 Pontiac Fiero GT?

There are two horizontal bolts at the front of the cradle, and two verticle bolts at the rear. You do of course have to deal with the engine, transmission, brakes and suspension also.

What is the biggest engine you can put in a 87 tempo?

I believe some did come with a v-6. Most have the 2.3 L . Just remember if you do put a larger engine in the '87, you will most likely have problems with the front suspension. Also, with the added power you could just tear the front end out. These front ends are not very strong.