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Major import and export products of japan?


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Top 10 Imports (Japan from world) crude oil, textile articles, electronic components, computers, LNG, fishes and shells, audio and visual apparatus, nonferrous metals, optical instruments, petroleum products.


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China imports electronic equipment and automobiles from Japan. China exports computers, circuits, and office products to the country of Japan.

what does japan export to canada

well really export means sending something; example: we exported wool to Japan import means sending something over to us: example: I asked Japan to import wool to use

if an American consumer buys a car from Japan then it is a type of import

Are you kidding me? Just buy from a Japanese website.

There are a number of major exports of Japan. These include vehicles, machinery, electronic equipment, medical devices, iron and steel, and organic chemicals.

As Japan is a chain of islands, most of the commerce is done by shipping.

They mostly import petroleum, vehicles and medicine from USA, China and Japan. Export: coal, gold, iron and natural gas to same China, USA, Japan and India.

You import by a ship or a plane! 8) :p :d

Exports- Cars like toyota, electronic products like nintendo, computers Imports- Oil, fuel, foodstuff and chemicals

Japan imports fish and other seafood, such as crabs, or lobsters etc

NFPA reported that in 2002, Canada, Mexico, Germany, and the United Kingdom were the major export markets. Germany, Japan, Canada, and Mexico were the largest import markets.

The number one export of Japan is cars. The country also exports car parts, electronics, circuit boards, and industrial printers. Their major import is crude petroleum.

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I only know the exports to Japan but here are the major ones. Our major exports to Japan are: Coal Iron ore & concentrates Beef Aluminium LNG Nickel Wheat Sugar Personal travel excl. education Transportation There you go!

The U.S. import and export ratio is a ratio of those respective values in relation to the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) value. When the import value exceeds the export value, a trade deficit exists. When the export value exceeds the import value, a trade surplus exists. Currently, the U.S. has sizable trade deficits with China and Japan.

Run a search on car exporters in Dubai and contact one of them, alternatively contact me - I export cars from Japan, many of the cars in Dubai for export originally come from Japan.

Electronics from Japan is a major imported good for the USA.

South Africa imports technology-related goods from Japan. In return, they export base metals and agricultural products to Japan. Since 1992, when diplomatic relations were established between the two countries, bi-lateral trade has grown.

Do to all my research on the Japanese, silk was their top major export during that time.

They Export and import things from other countries. They also make alot of things for other countries. Also they make a lot of products to sell to other countries. Japan are rich because they own the companies Sony and tokayo.

Importing is when a specific country brings in products from another country. eg: US gets a Japanese item from Japan. Exporting is when a specific country gives away there local products to another country for trade. eg: US gives Petroleum to another country. A lot of people mix these two terms. The simplest way to remember is to practice both export and import. Export is selling and/or shipping different types of products abroad, out of the country where you live. This means that you create your business on international level and join the worldwide trade. Import is an opposite trade action. This means you buy products from other countries. As a result they are shipped to your home country for you to use them.

Japan exports electronics, motorcycles, cars, sound equipment, and food. Japan imports food, lumber, cars, oil, machinery, building materials.

The top five export markets in the late 1990s were Canada, Mexico, Japan, United Kingdom, and Germany;

japan exports alot of technology to australia. things like cars, ipods, TV's all come from japan! cool hah:)they also import rice!

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