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May90 ea falcon 3.9l auto can you tell you does it have r12 or r134 gas for air con as it doesnt work at the moment and would consider getting it fixed if r134?


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Falcon AC R12 or 134

There should be a sticker somewhere in the engine compartment. If not, if you can find one of the fittings on the AC lines and look at it. R12 fittings are threaded, the 134 are smooth with a single groove running aroung them for the hose to clip over.


Well the fact is just about all cars these days are running their cars on r134a gas.

First off what part of the A/C system isn't working?

Does it just need to be serviced? Out of gas? Electrical? Your description isn't enough to diagnose.

I'm not sure when they started using r134a gas but i can tell you that's what they use now.