Meaning of NPN and PNP

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Q: Meaning of NPN and PNP
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What are the functions and empowerment of PNP as per PNP laws?

pnp and npn transistor

कैसे NPN ट्रांजिस्टर PNP ट्रांजिस्टर से अलग है?

diff. between npn and pnp transristor

Difference between NPN and PNP?

NPN and PNP are transistor types. The difference in the way the layers of semiconductor material are doped with impurities.

Is BT169 a npn or pnp transistor?

BT169 is neither an NPN nor a PNP transistor. BT169 is a thyristor, otherwise known as a silicon controlled rectifier.

Field-effect transistor NPN or PNP?

NPN, PNP only classified to BJT, while FET classified as P-channel , N-channel

What kind of semiconductor is produced by adding indium in semiconductor crystals pnp or npn?


Why you use NPN transistors rather than PNP?

Switching is faster in NPN transistor than PNP. Because movement of electrons is faster than holes.

Can be replace npn transistor series regulator with pnp?


Is PNP sourcing or sinking?

PNP is sourcing. NPN is sinking. You generally connect NPN to ground and your PLC(or any load)input. With PNP you connect to V+ and to your PLC. Your PLC (load) should have the same ground or V+. Sourcing (PNP) provides a path to +24DC generally. Sinking (NPN) provides a path to 0V DC.

Why PNP and NPN are used in direct coupling?

To save a decoupling capacitor & biasing resistors for the PNP.

Is it emitter-base junction should be reversed for both npn and pnp transistors acts as a amplifiers?

no, the emitter base junction should be foward for both npn and pnp to act as amplifiers.

How do you know if a transistor is a PNP or an NPN?

To know if a transistor is PNP or an NPN,the following should be verified:For a PNP transistor, the base-collector junction is forward biased while the base-emitter junction is reversed biased.For an NPN transistor, the base-emitter junction is forward biased while the base -collector junction is reversed biased.