Miscarriage Missed Pills can you still ovulate?

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August 17, 2008 8:52PM

Let me elaborate slightly. I had a miscarriage back in April/May time. I did not have a d&c my doctor said i did not need one. I had a normal period on 24th May and then i started my period again on 24th June. On the 24th June i started taking the pill (mycrogynon 30) i took the pill for 21 days and then went straight onto another pack as my boyfriend was due back from deployment from the desert and my period would have started while he was back for his 2 weeks. So my 21 days pills finished on 14th July and then i went onto the next pack but only took 8 days worth of pills as i had cramps. I then stopped the pill on the 22nd July, i had a small bleed on 24th for 2 days. We had unprotected sex from the day i stopped the pills (22nd) up until 28th of July went he went back :-(. I was wondering could i possibly ovulate within the time i came off the pill mid pack until the time he went back being 22nd July - 28th July? I know normally it would be around 14 days from the day my period started but as i finished the pills mid pack im not sure if it would be sooner.... Its been 20 days now since we had sex, i did a test which was negative, could it be too early to test? Many thanks.