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modern technologies that help in the control desease

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Q: Modern technologies that help in the control disease?
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Pictures of modern technologies that help in control of diseases?


What are modern technologies which help to control the spread of disease?

The most important ones are 1) public health measures, such as delivery of clean water into homes, and sewage systems, and 2) vaccinations.

Modern technologies that help in control of diseases?

Bone Densitometry-to check the status of your bones ElectroCardioGram-to check the beat ofthe heart

Modern technology that help in the control diseases?

One modern technology that helps control disease is water sanitation. The United States is fortunate to have clean water virtually everywhere.

What vitamin helps control the measles?

None. Measles is a virus and no vitamin will control the disease. It may help the person with immunity, but not stop them from getting it or help when they do have the disease.

Which modern technology can be directly employed to help design cities that run more efficiently?

information technologies

What is the modern technology that help control diseases?


Can baking soda help gum disease?

Yes, baking soda mixed with apple vinegar can help control gum disease.

What new technologies help trigger the industrial revolution?

The new technologies that helped trigger the industrial revolution where the modern steam engine and technologies that helped farmers plant more crops in a more organized fashion.

What do regulatory agencies do to help control the spread of infectious diseases?

CDC -centre for disease control

What kind of modern technologies could help the aborigines to hunt the dugong?

They use spears and knives to kill the dugong

Control of communicable and non-communicable disease?

you have to use lots of medicine that will help cure the disease your friend, jennifer

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