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dysplastic nevi

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Pores, Blood, vessels, hair, nerves, wort's, moles, birthmarks, melanomas tatoo ink. splinters,

NEVER attempt to do this yourself, if you have any moles on your face or anywhere else, leave them alone and let a qualified dermatologist check them out, the reason for this is some could be benign and some could have cancer cells like melanomas.

There are several symptoms of melanoma cancer. Some of these include: unusual moles and changes in the unusual mole, itching, oozing, or bleeding of the mole. Hidden melanomas are more common in darker people.

A mole (more properly called a "gram atomic mass") of K contains Avogadro's Number of atoms. Therefore, 0.0384 moles contains 0.0384 X Avogadro's Number or about 2.31 X 1022 atoms, to the justified number of significant digits.

Yes, the animals called moles give birth to live young, as opposed to laying eggs. Moles, as in spots on the body, do not give birth.

Male moles are called boars and females sows

Nevi (or nevus - singular)

Depends on what the substance is. 3 moles of hydrogen has less mass than 3 moles of calcium or 3 moles of water but they all have the same number of particles called Avogadro's number.

The mass of 0.030 moles of Br2 is 4.79424 grams, properly rounded to 4.8 grams.

A fortress, burrow or tunnel

Molarity (moles solute/L solvent) Molality (moles solute/kg solvent)

First of all, it is HCl solution, more properly hydrochloric acid (that is HC l ). It is composed of hydrogen (H) and chlorine (Cl). The answer depends on the volume of the acid and the concentration of the alkali. Here is a sample calculation with some random values for the variables you have not given. If the HCl is neutralized by 25.0 ml of 0.500 M NaOH, then the number of moles of NaOH equals the number of moles of HCl. 25 ml is equal to 0.025 liters, and since molarity is moles per liter we have: Moles of NaOH = 0.0250 Liters * 0.500 moles/liter = 0.0125 moles Moles of NaOH = moles of HCl = 0.0125 moles If there are 0.0125 moles HCl in 45.0 ml (or 0.045 L), then the molarity of the HCl is: 0.0125 moles ÷ 0.0450 L = 0.278 moles/L = 0.278 M HCl

sure. Its a little thing called airbrushing......

They were called " patches " , and were worn as fake beauty spots .

Wikipedia calls young moles pups.

yes some moles can be connected to blood vessels and can cause complications if not treated properly

The collective nouns for moles are:a company of molesa labour of moles (or labor)a movement of moles

molarity or concentration; n (moles) / V (volume)

The question cannot be answered because it all depends on what element it is. In addition, there is no unit to properly describe how much of the element there is. A proper question would be, "How many moles are in 1.204 × 1024 (unit) of (element)?"

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