Money cheats for swords and sandals 3?

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ya y an one code is 1256452sd no spaces
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What are the cheats for Swords and Sandals 2?

Just add a comma to the end of your name, press random, and when you get a good charter remove the comma or the game is over. ^ The cheats are good but it screws up the g

Cheats for swords and sandals 2?

well first you have to put 5 commas and pick your guy you want. next you have to erase everything in the name box and type as many commas as you can and you will have nan ever

What is cheat codes for swords and sandals?

Yes this is the one where you put ,, in the beginning of the game as your name then you keep clicking randomize until you get a character of your fancy, if your lucky you can

There is cheats for swords and sandals 3 solo ultratus?

i reccommend you using CE or cheat engine just download at and open CE then attach CE to firefox or ie etc. then if your gold is 1000 multiply by 8 and it will

Swords and sandals 3 cheats?

You go to the sword shop and click on an item that you don't want. Go to your inventory and click buy. you repeat this 2-3 times and then look at your gold, its NaN. you can a

Swords and sandals crusader cheats?

go onto campaign and finish the first mission.when you have done put in your 3 points but dont press the tick.then you click on the tick behind the power up box. press the tic

What is the cheats for swords and sandals 3?

go into the sword shop then click on what ever sword you can have for your level now click inventory and click buy repeat this 3 times and it will come up with nan gold which