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Most bowel movements in one day?

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Is it normal to have several bowel movements a day?

Every person is different. It is possible and very normal to have several formed bowel movements in one day.*The only time that frequency of BMs would be a problem is in diarrhea.

What is the average bowel movement per day?

Most people have one bowel movement every day or two.

How old do you have to be to have the first bowel movement?

Most one-day old newborns have their first bowel movement.

Is it bad for bowel movements to be green?

Bowel movements are typically brown in color due to the presence of bile during the digestive processes. Green bowel movements indicate a shorter journey through the digestive track, resulting in one of the earliest colors in the digestive process.

Why would one have foamy bowel movements?

Bowel movements that are foamy could be a result from the food that was eaten. Another reason is from medications that may have been taken or issues with the colon, liver or pancreas.

Is it bad to loose 8 lbs in one week?

No. Your weight can fluctuate up to 10 pounds in a single day just from water and regular bowel movements.

What to eat for good bowel movement?

Foods high in fibre content ensure good bowel movements cereal being one food.

How often should you have a bowel movement each day?

Bowel health and regularity is different for each person. How often one has a bowel movement is affected by many things such as diet, presence of illness, medications and activity. If you are concerned about your bowel movements whether it is your schedule, appearance, odor, presence of blood, frequency or pain you should seek the advice of a physician.

Irritable bowel movement?

Irritable bowel syndrome is a disorder of the colon that results in abdominal pain, bloating, excess gas, diarrhea and constipation. One may be able to encourage healthy bowel movements by changing their diet and lifestyle.

How often should a normal human hove bowel movements?

It varies substantially depending on your diet, however more than 3 - 4 per day is classed as diarrhea and less than one movement a day indicates constipation

What effect will high fiber cereal have on my bowel movements?

A good high-fiber cereal can be one way to increase the overall fiber intake. A diet high in fiber can help regulate bowl movements by providing bulk to the stools. Make sure to drink plenty of water in addition to increasing fiber to make bowel movements easier.

What does pie mean relating to a horse going in to labor?

As one of several indicators of when the mare will drop her foal, look for FREQUENT, LOOSE BOWEL MOVEMENTS - Most mares have a number of bowel movements in the hours just prior to foaling. Generally these are rather loose and more the consistency of "cow pies" than the typical horse "meadow muffins". The mares also urinate frequently.

What can one take to help the symptoms of explosive diarrhea?

Explosive diarrhea is the condition of having three or more loose or liquid bowel movements per day. One can take pills from a pharmacy in order to help with the symptoms of explosive diarrhea.

Is the urinary bladder part of endocrine system?

No. Urine is one part of excretion; the other is bowel movements. The bladder does not secrete any hormones.

Can fish oil give you orange oily bowel movements?

The body's excretions can provide warning signs about health and wellness. Atypical bowel movements, such as oily stool, are usually harmless and have more to say about the previous day's menu than about disease. However, persistent and unexplained changes in the appearance of bowel movements may be indicative of a medical condition. The most common causes of oily bowel movements include dietary changes, celiac disease, and pancreatitis.Bowel movements take on a variety of appearances from day to day based on diet, hydration, and other non-medical variations. As a result, a one-time change in the appearance or consistency of stool is normal and nothing to be alarmed by. Some foods like spinach or heavily dyed foods can cause bowel movements to take on unusual colors or appearances. If stools appear oily or oddly colored over a period of days or longer, then the cause may be medical in nature.One potential medical cause of oily bowel movements is celiac disease. According to theMayo Clinic, celiac disease is a condition in which the body effectively treats gluten as an allergen. This damages the intestines and impairs digestion by preventing the proper absorption of nutrients. The majority of celiac disease symptoms are brought on by the malabsorption of fat. These symptoms include bloating, diarrhea, and unabsorbed fat in stool which can give it an oily or orange appearance. Celiac disease can lead to vitamin deficiencies which produce further complications.Another condition that causes oily bowel movements is pancreatitis. The University of MarylandMedical Center reports that pancreatitis also inhibits nutrient absorption, thereby causing oily stools. Other symptoms of pancreatitis include fever, nausea, an accelerated heart rate, rapid breathing, and pain or tenderness of the abdomen.Some medications cause oily bowel movements as a side effect. According to the National Institutes of Health, the prescription drug orlistat, also known as Xenical, is a medication used to fight obesity. One of the common side effects of orlistat is oily bowel movements or leakage. These side effects are intensified after eating fatty foods. In some people, fish oil supplements may have a similar effect; when fish oil tablets appear to be the culprit, a lower dose may curb the symptom. Talk to your doctor before using or changing usage patterns on any medications or supplements.The causes of oily bowel movements are most commonly benign and usually dietary in nature, however some medical issues can also be the culprit. Celiac disease, pancreatitis, and certain drugs or supplements can cause oily stools along with other digestive symptoms and complications. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned about your stool's appearance or if bowel movements are persistently oily.

Why is cubism the most famous art-movements?

There have been hundreds of art movements. Cubism is just one, and while it is popular with some, it is not the most famous, at all.

Is a rumbling stomach possibly a symptom of diverticular disease?

One of the most common symptoms of diverticular disease is a change in one's normal bowel movements. A rumbling stomach can be a symptom, but it is best to go to a doctor, who can propely examine you.

Should you have a bowel movement three times a day?

Most people only have one bowel movement every day or so. Having more than one might be normal for you, but if it's very runny or odd colored or in any other way unusual, you probably should see a doctor to find out what's wrong.

What can one do to get rid of constipation pain?

There are several ways one can get rid of constipation pain. One of the ways is to take long walks everyday and also to add fiber to your diet as this will aid bowel movements.

Is drinking watergood for bowel movement?

It depends. if you are having trouble having a bowel movement (constipation) then it will make it easier to have one. However, If you have a bowel movement more than 3 times a day (diarrhea) then it will make it worse

How often does a newborn breast-fed baby have a bowel movement?

bowel movements 1-3 days old they should be having a bowel movement 1-4 times a day and should be blackish-green in color. 4-7 days old 3 or more and should look yellow and seedy. At 2 months or older your baby may produce less often , perhaps one very large stool a week.

What is a mustard snack?

A Mustard Snack is when a person's sphincter is soo loose, they cannot control their bowel movements and crap themselves alot. lol How'd you like that one?! 3:<

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