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My 1991 tercel idles very high whats causing this?


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look on the throttoe body and back the idle adjusting screw out the screw is a flat head some times it is good to take it out and cleane the end off carbon builds up on the scew hope this helps


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The starter on a 1991 Toyota Tercel is located in the front of the engine. It will be located on the left side.

The timing marks on a 1991 Toyota Tercel are on the crank pulley. They are located on the front of the pulley and under the cam.

I think you can use API grade SF or SF/CC but that's for an '85 i don't know whats changed

Apples and pomegranates. The Accord was, and is, Honda's top-of-the-line car. The Tercel was Toyota's least expensive car. Both come from companies renowned for making good cars, so it comes down to style and features...and the Accord definitely wins over the Tercel. So yes, I'd say a 1991 Accord is better than a 1991 Tercel.

the redline on a tercel 91 fuel-injected model is 5,200 rpm, at 5,800 it will limit,

Yes, drums on the rear, discs on the front.

Pull the motor out of the car and change it.

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their is only one. It is in top of exhaust pipe

I have a 94 Toyota tercel and i use mobil one 10w 30 fully synthetic and it runs nice

try M-VACUUM DIAGRAMS search at under Toyota tercel vacuum. 91 to 94 are same

The first thing to check for rough idle and weak acceleration of a 1991 Tercel is the vacuum system for leaks. Also check to make sure that the EGR valve is not clogged, and that the timing has not jumped.

my owner manual shows 2.9 qt. 3.2 quarts

If the plugs, plug wires, are good then suspect a vacuum leak somewhere.

go to your owners manuel, there is a section in there that will tell you or call your local dealer

It is in the fuse box. Check all of the fuses with a test light.

WHAT IS THE PROPER INFLATION FOR MY TIRES?1991 Toyota Tercel 2/4 Dr. SedanFront / Rear / BothSizeSpeed RatingFront Inflation (PSI)Rear Inflation (PSI)Standard / OptionalBoth P145/80R13 None 32 32 S Both 155SR13 S 32 32 O

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