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Try rotating the engine manually by turning crankshaft with socket and bar--if you can't rotate it may be seized (thrown rod etc.)

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If your leaving the eingine in the vehicle, you shouldn't need too.

The kill switch interupts the spark to the spark plug and stops the eingine.

the engine oil capicity for Honda Ridgeline is 4.5 us qt or 4.2 canadian liters

about 230-250 hp at the eingine (210 at wheels) and about 200 ft-lbs of torque

how to change water pump on a 2005 colorado truck 2.8 eingine

You can put any engine in there, IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. But as far as a direct bolt in NO.

i want to look @ a eingine from a geo metro 1995 1.3L l4 so i can fix the part it need.And identify the part its a pullie so for that i can c

I had the same problem on an Oldsmobile, which is the same 3800 engine. Does it die when youre off the gas coming to a stop? In mine the Idle Air Control sensor was dirty, so the car computer wasnt getting a right reading on the air intake into the eingine so it thought that it was lower than it actually was. in responce the engine adjusts the fluel flow accordingly and there isn't enough to keep the engine going so it stopped. clean the valve or replace it

One way to do it is with an engine hoist. Loosen and remove the through bolts in the motor mounts. Carefully raise the engine with the hoist until you have enough clearance to unbolt and remove the engine mounts. You must be careful and work slowly when raising the eingine, though.

When a car is turn off the water stops circulating, but heat is still being conducted from the warm engine into the water. Aslo warm water rises and the temperatue sender unit is usually placed near the op of the eingine. This causes the temp to rise slightly after turning the engine off

there is not a chip that just governs the rpm or horsepower the computer contains a eeprom chip that controls all the main systems of the vehicle includeing the timing fuel mixture and fuel pressure all the things that contribute to the amount of power and tourque your eingine will suply you have to change the settings in that chip or buy a aftermarket chip with the optimal settings already programed in it. but word to the wise ford sets things for the optimal settings for a ballence between engine life and power. if you put in a proformance chip the life of your engine will decrese.

If a thermostat is working, it should open at a specific temperature, which varies depending on the thermostat. Common temps are 195, 180 and 160. To check the thermostat, removed it from the engine, and place it in a pan of water with a thermometer. Heat the water to boiling and watch the thermostat. It should open before the water boils. Check the temperature at which it opens completely and see if that is satisfactory. Anotehr WA is to start the eingine and let it idle. Obviously, if the engine overheats there is a problem. It could be a thermostat that is stuck closed or something else. If the engine does not warm up, or does not maintain a good operating temperature, then the thermostat is stuck open. If after ten minutes or so, the upper radiator hose is hot to the touch, then the thermostat is probably working properly. Personally, I just change mine if there is any question if it is good or not. They are cheap. I often replace mine when I flush the cooling system, just like I change my cap and rotor every year.

drain radiator of coolant, remove serpentine belt and remove pulley on water pump. If the pulley has 4 little bolts on it then loosen and pull the pulley off. If there are no bolts on the outside of the pulley then its pressed on, you can remove it yourself with a blowtorch but its hard to get off and on correctly. Remove the bolts holding the pump on and pry the pump off the engine, this will be hard most likely due to the gasket holding the pulley to the eingine. There will be coolant that will come out due to coolant you couldn't drain by the radiator...just have a container under car to catch coolant. Once removed scrape all the old gasket material off the engine... there is a gasket remover tool but a razor blade workls just fine. Once removed clean area well and apply gasket to new pump with gasket sealer and place pump back onto engine. Tighten bolts and replace pulley and belt, fill with coolant and top off as needed. be sure to purge the coolant systemof air after any major coolant work. The repair is relatively easy as loong as you have the right sockets for the job...good luck!

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