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My 1995 Camry will not shift into 3rd gear when cold is this normal?

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My 95 Corolla also has trouble shifting into third gear when the weather is cold. It may take 2-3 minutes on the highway before it finally shifts into third gear. It has 125k miles on it but has been occurring at least for the last 5k miles.

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30, cold

Camry car tire pressure?

30 psi, when it's cold.

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Why Camry loud exhaust in cold weather?

Your Camry might have a loud exhaust in the winter weather because of damaged or weakened exhaust gaskets or manifold gaskets. The cold weather causes these gaskets to shrink which makes the vehicle sound louder.

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1998 Cadillac catera Why your transmission don't shift out first gear?

My '97 won't shift out of 1st gear when its cold (it will after it warms up). I found that pushing the "S" button will enable it to shift when cold. It has worked every time so far.

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What might cause that Toyota Camry 2000 running too cold?

Thermostat is stuck open.

Why is shifting difficult after engine and transmission is warm to hot normal?

If this is a manual tranny check the pilot bushing in the flywheel for binding /lack of lubricant. At cold it will shift fine, at hot one cannot shift unless the engine is shut down due to this bushing/bearing binding up.

92-96 Toyota Camry won't shift into overdrive when its cold. Once the engine warms up a bit it shifts into OD fine?

the gearbox oil need to be warmed up a litle, before the od is going to be functional;) Toyota mechanic, Norway

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Why is your radiator reservoir overflowing on your 98 Camry?

Most likely because you have added to much coolant when it was cold.

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Ac works when vehicle is cold?

By any chance do you mean the air conditioning compressor kicking in and out when you have the defrost setting selected and heat ? My 1995 Ford Explorer does that to help dehumidify the air as long as it isn't too cold outside . ( that's normal )

In cold weather why would my 1995 2.2 L Toyota Camry refuse to start one day and start immediately the next day with the engine turning over quickly in both cases?

It sounds like you have water in your tank. Use dry gas.

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Why does transmission shift hard when warming up in a 98 Cadillac Catera?

COPIED FROM LINK AND USERSTEVEHOGAN's what GM has to say about cold shifting in the Catera:Document ID# 7737831998 Cadillac Catera Info - Cold Shift Pattern (Normal Condition) #01-07-30-001 - (01/16/2001)Cold Shift Pattern (Normal Condition) 1997-2001 Cadillac Caterawith Hydra-matic 4L30-E (RPO ML4)Some owners of the above vehicles may comment on increased or higher engine speeds when the vehicle is driven immediately from a cold start. The Transmission Control Module (TCM) software contains a function that modifies shift speed speeds when the engine is cold. When activated, this feature will delay the shifts 10 to 15 km/h (6 to 9 mph), depending on the throttle angle.The cold shift pattern enables if all of the following conditions exist:The engine has been running for 5 seconds.The engine temperature is between -40°C and +30°C (-40°F and +86°F).Vehicle speed is 0 km/h (0 mph).The cold shift pattern is disabled under any of the following conditions:60 seconds after activation.If throttle angle exceeds 60.5 percent.Vehicle speed exceeds 50 km/h (30 mph).This is a normal condition, no repair should be attempted.-------------------------------------------So unless you are experiencing something significantly different that described in this bulletin, there is nothing wrong. Hope this helps.

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