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The 98.7 and 99.5 are normal FM frequencies for the US, If you are operating the vehicle outside the us then perhaps that vehicle was intended for sale in the US and was brought to where you are. A local VW dealer can probably help you out but it may involve replacing the head unit for one that is set up for your area.

2007-05-23 16:36:54
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Is monsoon a count noun?

Yes, monsoon is a count noun; for example: There is a monsoon expected this week. Last season we had several monsoons.

What is an example of a monsoon?

a thunder storm is one example of a monsoon, which is a seasonal storm system that arises in the Indian and Eastern Pacific Oceans and carries heavy rain.

What is an example of a sentence using the word monsoon?

I want to have the irrigation system upgraded before the monsoon season arrives.

How do you use the word 'monsoon' in a sentence?

Here is a sample use of the word "monsoon" in a sentence: An example of a famous monsoon is the large-scale sea breeze which moves heavy rainfall from the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal into Bangladesh, India and Pakistan in the northeast.

What is a example a for water wave?

Monsoon, Typhoon, Tidal wave, etc.

Deserts rain forests monsoon regions and moderate regions is an example of?


What animals live in the Tropical monsoon climate?

Many animals live in the tropical monsoon climate. A common example would be the rhinoceros. Another would be crocodiles and hippos.

Differentiate southeast monsoon from northeast monsoon?

southest monsoon - or the wet monsoon. It is known in the Philippines as hanging habagat and northeast monsoon or dry monsoon . It is known in the Philippines as hanging amihan.

What is the correct phrase for below The peasants were keen the fields before the monsoon. options 1)on harvesting 2)to harvesting 3)for harvesting?

.........on harvesting the fields before the monsoon

What are the two different monsoon seasons?

the two diffrent monsoon season is summar monsoon and winter monsoon

What is breaking of monsoon?

arrival of monsoon is also termed as breaking of monsoon..!!

What are the reasons for flooding during monsoon?

The main reason for the floods in the monsoon is that the water collects , and has no exit, example the gutters do not have enough slopes so the water will collect, then the water will flow on to the roads.

What is breaking monsoon explain?

the breaking of monsoon is also known as arrival of monsoon.

What are monsoon forest?

it is a monsoon forest

What are northeast monsoon and southwest monsoon?

northeast monsoon comes from north and east while southwest monsoon comes from south and west

What is Tagalog of southwest monsoon?

Tagalog of southwest monsoon = Timog kanlurang habagat

What company makes monsoon speakers?


When is the monsoon?

The Monsoon comes around about the 1st June The Monsoon comes around about the 1st June

What is the difference between southwest monsoon and northeast monsoon?

flow is stronger during the Northeastmonsoon than during the Southwestmonsoon. ... stress at the surface,

What is the difference between northeast monsoon and retreating monsoon?

Northeast monsoon , are the monsoon that come from south . This season starts from June and in the month of September . retreating monsoon starts from the mid of september month and ends in the november month .

What is south east monsoon?

a monsoon in the south east..

What is the plural of monsoon?

The plural form of monsoon is monsoons.

Is monsoon a compound word?

No, monsoon is not a compound word.

What is the size of an average monsoon?

average size of a monsoon

What is the answer of what is monsoon monsoon?

monsoons are large air of mass