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Sounds to me like a partially clogged in line fuel filter or a weak fuel pump. Check your fuel pressure with a gauge up by the intake. Any shop can do this for you at little or no charge if you do not have the tools needed. Crank/cam or ignition modules most of the times either work all the time or don't work at all.

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we had the same problem. we changed the Crankshaft Position sensor, and also the camshaft position sensor. changed ignition coils, and the module under the ignition coil, and still had the stalling problem. an auto mechanic bought it from us and he discovered all that it was was a pinched wire under the ignition module.


There are countless different causes of an engine not starting, but in general, if the engine is receiving fuel, has ignition and compression, it will start. Begin with the basics. Next time it won't start, try a little starting fluid. If the engine runs briefly with starting fluid, you have a fuel delivery problem. Then go on from there. The only way to find a problem like that is to break it down. Check your Cam Sensors sometime they have a loose connection, your engine has 2 sensors a primary and secondary if the primary is the problem your engine wont start if its the secondary i will start but will run rough

O2 sensors are located on the exhaust manifold, the exhaust pipes, or both. Sensor is located on the exaust pipe in front of the fire wall. RV

check the wiring goig to the crank sensors and check and see if you can adjust the gap on the outside sensor maybe its not properly connected

sensors for what? The engine has sensors as well as the brakes, steering, air conditioning and numerous other systems. You need to state your specific problem so that you will get an answer.

there is not a ignition module on these like earlier fords, no distributor-cam and crank sensors deliver information to the ECU and it determines spark by the feedback from these sensors. the ECU is located directly above the drivers feet, behind the panel.

An engine may have one or more knock or detonations sensors in the block. The sensors use piezoelectric materials to detect vibrations in the block. If a certain vibration known to be caused by pre-ignition is detected, the ECU can take action, such as reducing ignition timing advance.

If the ignition is locked and the 1996 Ford Ranger key will not turn, there could be a problem with the transmission sensor that lets the ignition sensor know that the car is in Park. Try shifting into neutral with the foot on the brake, then turn the key. If the key turns, the sensors are bad. If the key does not turn, try wiggling the steering wheel while turning the key.

Usally on the rear manifold rear top of engine. You should be able to see the sensor wire from the brain box going out to it.

timing is adjusted by the ignition module and feed back from sensors

A 1991 Honda Accord LX has knock sensors which detect incorrect ignition timing. The knocking occurs when the valves open at the wrong time.

Ignition timing and advances are all computer controlled (ignition amplifier and ECU)based on info from several sensors. No mechanical or vacuum advance at the distributor, and moving it will not change anything.

Have the system checked for codes. That will lead you to the problem.

There is a problem on the engine or transmission. One of the sensors sends a code to the computer and this code is store into the memory. You can use this information to fix the problem To find the errror you have to turn the ignition on and off 3 times. Chrysler calls this key dance ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON. The code with the problem will be display on the cluster. Write it down and check the code.

Start by checking the ignition components & sensors. Common issues, coils, modules, crank & cam sensors. Start by checking the basics first,eg wires plugs etc...

I had a problem with my 98 cranking but without spark. I traced and tested all of the sensors and harnesses until I realized the obvious. The ignition system will not operate unless it sees a minimum of 8 volts while cranking. I hooked up a simple voltmeter and tesed during cranking and had a reading of only 7.65. I confirmed the problem by cleaning the terminals and used a jumperbox. The voltage read an average of 8.75 and it started. I replaced the battery and problem solved.

The air bag sensors are on the frame so they will not be a problem. Mark

Before you change the 02 sensors, make sure the problem is not a faulty hose leak. I was having the same problem with my 98 Expedition (Eddie Bauer) and the diagnostic codes indicated that all 4 of my 02 sensors needed to be changed. Thanks to an honest mechanic, the problem was solved by replacing the vacuum hose for under 20 bucks.

There are a couple of reasons why a Jeep Wrangler may be sputtering. There could be a problem with the sensors or a problem with the fuel lines.

hi i had same problem with my car after reading every1s answers about changing coil packs and sensors and still having same problem i managed to get a schematic for my car it turn out to be the amplifier/ignition module under coli pack hope this helps .... Craig honeyball

Vehicles with ABS may have speed sensors at each wheel. If one of the wheel sensors has failed or if the connector has corroded or become damaged you may get a code indicateing a speed sensor problem.

You can not reset your oxygen sensors. You can only replace them. To reset the check engine light you will have to get that done by a repair shop with a computor. If replacing the sensors does not repair the problem then check for a vacuum leak.

Obviously your starter is NOT the problem. I also assume it starts fine when cold? I'd ask a few more questions to help diagnose the problem but here are a few places to begin.Newer vehicles with electronic ignition have what is called a "start sequence." You need to find out where in the start sequence something isn't working when the vehicle is hot. Number one, pull the computer codes. If the vehicle is drivable, AutoZone can do it for you for free. Buy a Haynes Repair Manual when you are there. I found one to be very helpful in a similar situation with a different vehicle.There is a relay called the "ASD" or automatic shut-down relay that is designed to shut off fuel, spark, etc. in the event of a roll-over. If the relay is bad, the vehicle will not start. I'm not sure if it will crank or not in this circumstance. Sometimes relays and sensors only have problems when hot.If the vehicle runs when cold then quits after getting warm/hot, that can be one problem.If the vehicle runs until you shut it off then will not restart until good and cold, it is likely one of the electronic ignition sensors. A few of the sensors are: coolant temp., crank position, and cam position sensors. If it isn't one of those sensors, it may be your ignition coil.I hope something here helps.Good luck.Len

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