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Did you ever find an answer? My 99 just did the same thing this week. My husband found fuses on top of the battery and they were all good. So, yes there are fuses. But, that wasn't the problem with my car. If you find out more information please share it. I'm concerned it could be very time consuming and expensive to get this repaired. Thanks. My wife has a 1999 VW Beetle with the 2.0 4cyl. The cooling fans won't come on. I've replaced the Thermostat Radiator Fluid, Temp Sensor, Fan Control Module and pulled the fans and connected them directly to 12V (the fans are good) and NOTHING has fixed it yet. I've checked all fuses I could find and all are good, fans are still INOP. I finally bought a book for the thing and read about some relays that are behind a kick panel on the bottom of the left drivers side floor. I'm going to test those this weekend and see what happens.

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โˆ™ 2009-08-14 11:33:26
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Q: My 99 beetle heater ac fan just stopped working is there a fuse for it?
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Ware is the fuse for the seat heater on 2002 Chrysler Sebring Convertible?

My seat heater stopped working. Is there a fuse for this? I can not find anything in my owners manual about the seat heater.

The heater in your 1997 ford contour stopped working how can you tell if it's the heater motor or the fuse you could smell melting plastic when it stopped working?

sounds to me like your blowe moter is shorted out. u can use a test light to check for power at the motor,if you can also pull fuse out of fuse box to check fues BUT the blower motor will notstop heater working if no heat ,it is your heater core

Why have both headlights stopped working in your vw beetle cabriolet 2008 plate?

You turned them off. The fuse has blown

What would the problem be my Heater and windows stopped working at the same time on my 2000 olds alero?

if both stopped working at the exact same time it is most likely a fuse... consult your owners manual for fuse location and specification

The heater has stopped working in your vauxhall movano van any ideas its not the fuse?

If you look under the passenger side dashboard you will find the heater motor ,attached to the motor is a fuse,check to see if the fuse is connected , or just replace the fuse , it worked for me.

Your air conditioning fan and heater both stopped working any suggestions?

Check for blown fan motor fuse.

97 Chevy 1500 turn signal cruise control heater stopped working?

sounds like a fuse is blown

Heater blower on 1985 abrubtly stopped working -- Any suggestions - Checked main fuse boxes - no blown fuse - Is there a heater fuse located somewhere other than in fuse box under dash on drivers side?

if i remember correctly there is a heater fuse behind the glove box. you need to pull the glove box to find it.

What should I check the heater on my 1992 Pontiac trans sport just stopped working?

Thermostat possibly stuck open or heater control valve broken. Now if you mean the blower motor has stopped working, check the fuse, blower motor itself, or the blower motor resistor pack.

Does fuse have anything to do with heater no working?

Only the blower motor not working.

2002 Honda CRV day time running lights stopped working?

If they both stopped working at the same time - check the fuse. Fuse # 20 in the underdash fuse panel.

Vw beetle horn not working?

Most likely you blew a fuse

Heater blower on Renault Scenic abrubtly stopped working - Any suggestions - Checked main fuse boxes - no blown fuse - Is there a heater fuse located somewhere other than in fuse box under das?

The blower motor resistor assembly is located under dash on passenger side.

Heater blower not working 96 Acura?

check fuse

Your blinker stopped working in your 1991 thunder bird lx?

Left and right stopped working? Check the fuse and/or the flasher relay. Only the left or the right stopped working? Check the bulbs.

What do you do if the blower motor on a 2000 Ford Focus stopped working as it blew the 30 amp fuse but as soon as you replace the fuse it blows again?

Check that the pollen filter has been replaced. Check that the heater fan hasn't seized due to water logging after pollen filter becomes blocked. Check resistor is working (next to heater fan on firewall) Check relay is working correctly.

Is a fuse the problem if the Heater-AC on a 94 accord just stopped working one day but will randomly turn on every 3 months?

No, it is not a blown fuse. Once the fuse blows it will never work until you replace the fuse. Sounds like a loose connection in the wiring or a loose fuse.

Why did your heater and radio in your 1995 jeep Cherokee stop working all of a sudden?

I would start by checking your fuse box. It will typically be located somewhere under your dashboard, or under the hood. if they stopped working at the same time its probably electrical (fuse, short, etc) if it wasn't the same time it could be unrelated causes. Possibly the thermostat for your heater.

Your air conditioner and heater in your 2000 grand am is not working?

check fuse.

Have a 1998 beetle can anyone tell me where to get a diagram of the fuse box had the starter changed and they removed some fuses and now my air conditioner has stopped working?

ask your VW parts manager for a picture of the diagaram

My dash instuments stopped working?

I would suspect a fuse to have blown, check your fuse and replace if broken.

What could be wrong if the AC and heater fan quit working on a 2000 VW Beetle?

Blown fuse, defective blower motor resistor pack, defective blower motor, or defective fan speed switch.

What would cause heater quit working on 1977 Chevy Camaro?

Check fuse if the blower is not working. If it is then replace your heater core. if its not then replace your fan switch.

Where is the starter fuse on a 2001 vw beetle?

There is no starter fuse on the New Beetle.

Why has the temperature gauge in your 92 Tempo stopped working?

It is possible that the temperature gauge has stopped working in a 1992 Tempo due to a blown fuse. It is also possible that the temperature gauge stopped working do to the temperature sensor in the engine having a short.