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with computer technology, you can't get a license in another state if you have a suspended license

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No you cannot get a drivers license in Florida if you have had your license suspended in another state.

If your license in suspended you can't legally obtain a driver's license anywhere else in the USA.

It is possible to obtain a drivers license in another country (not Canada though) if you are suspended in the US. But that won't have any effect on your driving status in the US. Suspended in the US is suspended period, regardless of what kind of drivers license you possess.

NO! Once your license is suspended in one state, it is also suspended in all other states.

Usually not. Even if you did, you would not be able to drive in the state where you are suspended. Your priviledge to drive in that state is suspended along with your license.

Wait for the Ohio suspension period to expire.

No, The driving privilidge in Washington State has to be valid in order to obtain A Drivers license in any state.

If you've misplaced your license, then you need to obtain a duplicate. If your drivers license was suspended, you are expected to stay out of the drivers seat until you are able to get your license again.

You already have a license in West Virginia, though it is suspended. Legally you are not allowed to obtain a second one.

No not typically...Maine DMV will check you in IL and if you are under suspension they will not give you a license.

Suspensions are reported to the national center so you cannot obtain a license in any other state until you are first reinstate in Louisiana

None. You have to meet the conditions for reinstatement of your Indiana licence before another state would issue you one.

No, South Dakota will honor Iowa's ruling. They will not allow you to obtain a license before you could get one in the original state.

Obtain a copy of your MVR (driving record) from the MN DMV office.

NO, KY runs a 50 state check of driver's license records before issuing you one. If you lie on your application to the question "is your license currently suspended in any other state?" you will go to jail for a felony.

It is possible with some states, but not with every state. If you have a CDL (Commercial Drivers License) which gets suspended in one state, there is no state or territory of the US in which you'll be able to get licensed in while your license is suspended. Also note that the state which suspends your license also suspends your driving privileges in that state, so, if you did obtain a license from out of state, and were pulled over in the state where your license was suspended, it would still be treated as if you were driving on a suspended license.

No. I had my license suspended in MO. I tried to get my license in Alaska. I couldn'tAdded: All US states and territories have cooperation agreements (called "compacts") between them. A conviction and finding, or the status of a drivers license in one state is honored by every other state.

You already have a license in Maine, though it is suspended. Legally you are not allowed to obtain a second one.

No. You will need to reinstate from the suspension first.Added: All states share their DMV information with one another.

You already have a license, though it is suspended. Legally you are not allowed to obtain a second one, you will have to work to get the suspension removed.

No you cannot. Suspensions are reported to the NCIC and then to all the states. If your license is suspended by your home state you cannot then go to another state and obtain a license.

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