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My car failed emission test It has High Hydrocarbon the car runs well but it has water leaking on the right passenger side of the car and the check engine light keeps coming on what could be the probl?



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Have the computer codes read The water leak is probably a loose hose connection or an old hose leaking you will need to track down the source of the leak to find out, as for the high hydrocarbons look at your failed emissions slip and you should see a list of the computer trouble code or codes downloaded from your cars' computer and that will tell you what system needs attention. If it is not there take it to auto zone or another parts store and they will most likely read your trouble codes for free. Sounds like normal tune up stuff to me though, pay attention to the pcv and egr valves and passages. They will not pass or even test your car while the check engine light is lit and unhooking the battery to reset the computer wont help either since you will have to drive it 50 miles before it will be accepted.

The water leak on the passenger side is probably the AC condensation drain. This is normal. If it was leaking coolant it wouldn't be water. It would be antifreeze (coolant).