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You need to rephrase this, there is no question here

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Q: My ex abuser husband can be remarried and showing the never was abuser is true and he did not want and interested to see our 2 boys WA?
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How What if your ex husband abuser get remarried and look not abuser to new wife?

Give him time. He will.

My ex abuser husband can be remarried and showing the never was abuser is true?

Unless your ex has a police record/jail time for DV, there would be no way to tell. A private Detective can access old records.

Has anyone remarried their abuser and been happy?

no. i have no idea why you would ask that. that is OBVIOUSLY not ever going to happen. if it does, that person makes me sick.

Your ex abuser husband can remarried and show not to be abuser and showing nothing happen in the past with you?

Abusers can be different with all women. They may have abused you immediately and not be hurting the other woman, but that doesn't mean that they never will! He will try to convince everyone that he would never do such a thing and make it seem like you are the one that abused him. Don't fall into the trap. Stay away from the drama, do not contribute to the argument. Sometimes the other woman will get in the middle and try to blame you for the failure in your prior relationship. Do not listen to it. Soon enough the truth will come out.

How do you make your husband realize he is an emotional abuser?

tell him or record it and make him listen to it

How do you tell if your husband is considered a verbal abuser?

Please see the links below.

Your abuser ex husband can be change actitud when he remarried and be a good man?

yES; There is nothing you cannot cure yourself of when you ADMIT YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. A man or woman CAN CHANGE with counseling, a lot of self discipline, and CONSTANT WORK. Yes, men AND women, with help and counseling, CAN remarry and correct themselves.

Is it possible to forgive your husband when he sexually assaulted your fourteen year old niece?

It is possible to forgive anything but that doesn't mean forgetting. I would not want a rapist / child abuser as a husband. They will only attack again. A wife of a child abuser isn't a real wife.

When a abused person leaves and the abuser goes straight into another relationship will the abuser still try to get back at them?

I have been abused by my so called husband and when i left, till today he has never tryied to even call.

What is an animal abuser called?

Animal Abuser or Animal Cruelty Abuser

What is an emotional abuser?

An emotional abuser is someone who is constantly belittling another. Example: If a husband is an emotional abuser he will call his wife every dirty thing in the book; tell her she is ugly or fat; not a good cook; not a good mother, etc., to lower her self worth and self esteem. It is a form of control the emotional abuser needs and they have generally learned this pattern of behavior from the environment in which they grew up.

What to do if a friend is married to an abuser and she wants you to come visit them?

Well you can visit and offer some friendly advice. Visiting is way of showing love.

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