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My parents are ruling my life. I just want to run away because they won't let me grow up. I haven't got a life I'm almost 16 and I feel trapped. I hate life?


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December 16, 2009 6:36PM


Do you know if your parents are ruling your life because they love you or is it because they hate you? Do you love your parents? Do your parents feel hurt and pain whenever you are hurt or in pain? Do they take care of you and provide the important things that you really need?
Are you angry with them because your friends want you to do things that your parents don't agree with? Is it that you hate your parents because they don't want you to follow your friends by engaging in wild and reckless activities that can get you into trouble with the law or can get you killed?
If these are the reasons why you hate your parents then that makes you a selfish and ungrateful person. It demonstrates that you don't love your parents and don't care for their love. When you are a part of a family, a team, a group and a unit, you have a responsibility to demonstrate that you care for the other members. You must recognize when your actions and failures are hurting the members of your team or group (Family).
On the other hand, you do have a major problem, if your parents are uncaring selfish people or if they have never cared for you and spent quality time with you. You also have a problem, if they are evil and demanding people who don't care for anyone but themselves.
If these are the type of parents that you have, then you have to get away from them and free yourself. You must however be prepared to face the financial consequences of such a decision.

Time and life have a constant and definite way of fixing themselves. You should consider taking a moment to think, not in the moment, but into the future. Once thinking with a clear mind you might call a family meeting to establish that not only are you your parents child, but that you are a teen soon to be an adult. And that because of the added stress and responsibility that is obviously being put on your shoulders, you might also need reward as in new terms to things that are making you feel "trapped". Also take into consideration that new terms go both ways whether they be grades, or cleanliness, or whatever it is that makes your parents feel that you are in need of being "trapped". And it is perhaps a question worthy of being asked while having your meeting. Good luck!
We all feel, at this age, that our parents are ruling our lives. But the truth is, because we feel that we are older now, we can make our own decisions which is wrong. Because if your parants make the decision for you, that will be a lot easier, believe me! If you were in a situation where you needed to decide, it would be hard.